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Summer Vacation Music Adventures

Summer is a great time to relax, have fun, and do something different. Here are three ideas for good ways to include music in your summertime adventures:

1. Meet New Music at the Library

Most public libraries allow you to check out audio CD’s. Visit the music section at your library and help your child pick out some different kinds of music CD’s to listen to. Classical Music, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, Folk Music, World Music, there are so many sounds to experience. At home, listen together and talk about how the music makes you feel or what kind of pictures it might bring to your mind.

2. Visit a Music Store

Take your young musician to a music store and look at all the different kinds of pianos and other instruments there. With permission from the sales representative, you might even get to try a piano or keyboard and see how they sound. Many music stores will have piano sheet music for beginners. Look for sheet music and books marked “preparatory” or “primer” or “five-finger” to find something a beginning student can learn to play, and let your child pick out a song they’d like to learn on their own.

3. Make Your Own Musical Instruments

From rubber-band guitars to water xylophones, summer is a great time for a music-related craft. There are lots of internet resources with instructions and ideas for instruments that kids and parents can make together. Here are a few good ones to get you started: rain stick, drinking-straw pan pipes, coffee-can drum, pencil xylophone and more.

Enjoy your summer vacation, and make music a part of every day.

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