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Online piano lessons your family will love.

Super-fun piano lessons that work.

Start playing songs from your very first lesson! With our groundbreaking method, you’ll learn to read, understand, and create music. It’s a complete education that’s affordable and packed with fun for every age.

Online Piano Lessons with Videos

Video Lessons

Whether you want to master the basics or grasp advanced music theory concepts, our 300+ videos make it easy and fun to learn piano online.

Guided Practice with Online Piano Lessons

Practice Plans
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Practice makes perfect—when you know what to practice and when. After each lesson, you’ll have a detailed practice plan that walks you through exactly what to work on each day.

Learn Piano with Progress Tracking Piano Lessons Online

Progress Tracking

Know where you left off and what to do next with a dashboard that tracks your progress as you learn to play piano. Hit milestones and earn points along the way.

Learn to Play Piano with Interactive Games

Interactive Games
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No more tedious memorization and endless drilling. Our online games make learning everything from music theory to rhythm more fun and engaging.

Learn piano at home with Mr. Hoffman’s proven method.

Virtual piano lessons from Hoffman Academy
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As an expert educator and pianist, Mr. Hoffman makes learning piano accessible to everyone. Learn to play the piano at your own pace, from the comfort of home—and join the tens of thousands of students around the world who have become confident musicians through the Hoffman Academy.

Virtual piano lessons from Hoffman Academy
Founder, Director, and Expert Piano Teacher Joseph Hoffman with sidekick Keys
Searching “piano lessons near me” that your whole family will love? Our online piano lessons are fun & engaging for everyone.


“I have two children who have learned to love practicing the piano because of your fun, information-packed videos! Thank you!"

Imagine your kids having so much fun learning piano that they keep coming back to the bench on their own! Our short online piano lessons for kids keep them engaged while guiding them on what to practice, so you don’t have to.

Searching “piano lessons for kids near me”? Learn to play piano with the resources needed to become life-long musicians.


"Our six-year old is excitedly showing everyone that she can play Hot Cross Buns. I appreciate that the lesson included history, theory, recognizing patterns, and actually playing!"

Give your kids a high-quality, proven piano education that’s grounded in learning theory. With our method, your young learners will have the resources and guidance needed to become life-long musicians.

Our inspiring, multi-sensory approach to piano online taps into kids’ natural curiosity while developing musicianship skills.

Piano Teachers

"I am in my 9th year of teaching and have never had a resource comparable to this!"

Inspire your students with fresh ideas and resources based on the latest learning science. Our multi-sensory approach lets you tap into kids’ natural curiosity, instill confidence, and develop whole-musicianship skills as they learn to play piano.

Learn, or re-learn, to play piano online with just 15 minutes of daily practice! Use our approach to learn piano today.

Adult Learners

"I looked all over the Internet for lessons for adults, but they do not seem to stress the very basics. I love the lessons! I find them engaging, helpful, and excellent pedagogy."

Learn, or re-learn, to play piano online with just 15 minutes of practice a day! Our step-by-step approach to piano lessons online gives you a solid foundation for reading and playing the music you love, on your schedule.

Can you really learn to play the piano online?

Here at Hoffman Academy, we believe that both have their advantages. Hoffman Academy started with in-person lessons and with the advances in online learning, we embraced the power of technology to create professionally-produced self-paced videos, listening tracks, and online piano learning games to reach even more piano enthusiasts. The effective use of technology is one of the reasons online piano lessons for beginners helps students remain engaged and motivated as they learn piano. Plus, you can learn to play piano online all on your own schedule. The best way to find out if online piano lessons really work is to give them a try. All of our online piano lessons are free with additional Premium learning features available. Experience how much fun it can be to take piano lessons online while you learn to play piano from the comfort of your own home. Start to learn piano today with Piano Lesson 1.

The best way to start learning piano is to get started! Parents who give their children the gift of a musical education start them out on a path that will enrich their lives in so many ways. Studying music develops discipline, hand-eye coordination, intelligence, and creates a skill that can bring happiness to both the performer and to all who listen. Studying music at any age is good for body, mind, and spirit, and something to enjoy for a lifetime. Learn to play piano online by creating a free account. Then dive into our series of free beginner piano lessons.

Absolutely. Our online piano lessons have been carefully designed for the beginner. Each song is short and teaches a new concept, so you’re constantly learning the fundamentals with these beginner piano lessons, while still getting to play lots of songs!

Our first lesson is a great place to start for those with no piano experience. When you create an account and go to your student profile to begin our online piano lessons, it will automatically take you to your first piano lesson! This is a great beginning step for anyone wanting to learn piano online.

Yes, with the right resources, repetition, and structure, you can definitely learn piano online! Hoffman Academy uses a carefully designed method to cover all the elements you’ll need for learning to play piano. Contents range from posture, music theory, online games, fun songs, classical songs, practice guidance, play-along tracks, and all delivered by a certified teacher, Mr. Hoffman, in professionally-produced online piano lesson videos.

With Hoffman Academy – yes! Private piano teachers are unaffordable for too many people. If you can’t afford a private piano teacher, this is your best resource to learn piano online! Hoffman Academy gives you carefully planned lessons from the very beginning. If you have questions about learning the piano online, you can always contact our customer support. As long as you go through lessons as they are designed, you’ll be surprised at your progress in learning to play piano like a pro!

The piano is–hands down–the best instrument to begin learning music on. If you want to play another instrument eventually, learn piano first! It is an endlessly complicated instrument, but it is also one of the easiest to play. Other instruments like guitar, trumpet, and violin, take weeks or even months of work just to get the hand coordination or mouth embouchure correctly. With piano, you can easily play right away just by pressing down on a key. It’s also the easiest for understanding music theory, because scales and intervals are all laid out visually.

Yes! We have accounts specifically for piano teachers with multiple students in a studio. A piano teacher can add seats and create assignments with our unit books and extra resources. Many students go home after their piano lesson, and (unfortunately) forget what they learned. With a teacher account, the student can review the new theory concepts or repertoire using our video lessons during the week, plus extra theory worksheets and online learning games that we provide to help the learning go even deeper.

Yes. Outside our series of online piano lessons for beginners, online piano games, and practice sessions, we have many additional learning resources for download that can help students learn to play the piano.

Begin by creating a teacher account, and add a seat for every student. To determine which lesson to begin with, look at our Piano Lesson Library page. That lists all the content for our online piano lessons in one easy summary.