By teaching young learners to truly understand music, the Hoffman Method For Piano creates confident musicians for life. It’s a whole new way to learn piano online. 

How Hoffman Academy


Kid watching Mr. Hoffman's online piano lessons on an iPad.


Learn piano online. Watch Mr. Hoffman’s videos. 

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Practice what you learn on your piano or keyboard at home

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Why it's


Most music programs begin by stressing the importance of learning to read music. With the Hoffman Method, there is no stress. Thanks to the Hoffman Method’s emphasis on enjoyment as a foundation for music education, young pianists actually want to keep coming back to the piano bench, lesson after lesson.

Our multi- sensory approach:

  • Taps into a child’s natural curiosity
  • Teaches kids to connect with music before reading a note.
  • Sparks children’s innate passion for music.
  • Introduces technical musical concepts when they’re ready!

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“Honestly I could go on and on about how much I love Hoffman Academy. I have a music background myself and think it is GENIUS to incorporate solfege in piano!!! That is what sold it for me honestly… the solfege. I have never had a music lesson myself with such an incredible teaching philosophy… never seen one like it and it truly is genius! I also appreciate that they have accompaniment tracks to nearly everything they play. I believe that teaches them how to keep a steady beat… something that often gets missed with individual lessons.”