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We get it. Starting music lessons can be tricky.

It’s more than finding the right piano teacher, it’s also finding the right lesson times, endless driving, juggling a busy schedule, not to mention the struggle of understanding how to best help your young musician when you don’t play piano yourself. Finding online music lessons for beginners is also challenging.

The Hoffman Academy story

That’s why we’re changing everything you know about piano lessons with Hoffman Academy

Our founders, Joseph (Mr. Hoffman) and Kelly Hoffman, are expert educators and parents who believe in sharing Mr. Hoffman’s unique teaching style and super-effective piano method with as many people as possible. As a result of Hoffman Academy’s innovative online video lessons, Mr. Hoffman is able to teach thousands of students across the globe each day.

In just 8 years, Hoffman Academy has grown from our first video lesson teaching “Hot Cross Buns” to a community of over 216,000 students learning piano online. Mr. Hoffman’s online music lessons for beginners have had over 23 million views and he has taught more than 91 million minutes of piano lessons to all kinds of students.

Supported by a team of creatives, technologists, videographers, puppets, and teachers, Hoffman Academy produces the highest quality online music lessons for beginners available to you- for thousands of dollars less than a traditional teacher.

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What Makes Hoffman Academy

so special?

Our success lies in the Hoffman Method for Piano – a method created by Mr. Hoffman aimed at whole musicianship. Students of Hoffman Academy aren’t simply memorizing songs. Instead, they’re gaining a complete music education! Our online music lessons for beginners include activities, worksheets, games, repertoire, and audio tracks that the Hoffman Academy team has developed to support every level of a student’s growth as a musician.  Learn more about The Hoffman Method.

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