Hoffman Academy brings you the most effective and fun piano lessons you can find online today, using the power of great teaching combined with modern technology. We are revolutionizing the way children learn piano—and we are excited that you are here to find out how.


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Our series of 120 free video piano lessons guide students, step-by-step, through each new song and concept. Designed for beginners with no prior experience, the lessons quickly enable students to play songs successfully, starting with the very first lesson. Piano instructor Joseph Hoffman is adept at making even the most tricky concepts simple, memorable, and fun. We’ve heard back from hundreds of parents and kids that they love Mr. Hoffman’s teaching style and creative, streamlined approach to learning piano. Each lesson is between 5 and 15 minutes—easy to fit in on any schedule, and the ideal length for keeping attention and focus high. Kids and adults alike love using technology to learn and the feeling of being able to control their own learning pace.

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Each lesson includes specific practice instructions and target goals to help students know what to focus on in between lessons. Consistent practicing is key to skill development, and Mr. Hoffman regularly encourages his online students to practice every day. Mr. Hoffman also shares tips on how to get the most out of your practice time. Using Hoffman Academy is like having your teacher right at home helping you every day. If practice isn’t going as smoothly as you would like, you can go back and review the video lesson as many times as needed. Whenever the target goals are met, students can proceed to the next lesson. You can proceed as fast or as slow as you like!

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Students can make the most of their learning by using our Complete Materials, which include learning activity pages, sheet music, and MP3 tracks. The Complete Materials correspond with each lesson, and will help supplement, reinforce, and deepen your learning. Check out some sample pages from the Complete Materials. The MP3 Listening Tracks allows students to hear and familiarize themselves with each song they learn. This provides a professional model for students to follow, and makes it easier to hear, identify and self-correct when they make a mistake. The MP3 Practice Tracks provide fun background accompaniments that students can “jam” along with as they review the songs they have mastered. Students love this opportunity to sound like a real pro! Listen to some sample MP3 Tracks.


Hoffman Academy piano lessons are an ideal choice for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano (Perfect for beginners–no prior experience or musical training required!)
  • A parent and child wanting to take piano lessons together
  • A piano student who already has a teacher and who wants to supplement his or her learning
  • Piano teachers who want to learn new tools and techniques for teaching piano to beginners


It’s actually quite simple. Every video lesson on our website is free. No purchase required at any time.

To get even more out of your learning, the Complete Materials for each Unit of 20 Lessons (includes activity pages, sheet music, practice instructions, and MP3 files) costs $19. That’s less than $1 per lesson!

If you were to take old-fashioned lessons with a piano teacher, you would probably be paying between $20 and $60 per lesson for the teacher’s time. On top of that, you would also be required to purchase materials, such as music and theory books, which may add up to between $40 and $80 per year.

We are trying to make music lessons more accessible and affordable for kids in any situation by providing the most expensive part of music lessons—the lessons themselves—free! The only thing we charge for is the materials. If you choose to not purchase the materials, you are still 100% free to watch the video lessons without ever paying a penny. All we ask is that you help us spread the word about Hoffman Academy!



Our piano lessons will do more than simply teach you how to play a few songs on the piano. Our piano lessons are a complete musical training program, just like you would get if you went to a professional piano teacher. Our #1 goal is, of course, to teach you to play the piano, but you will also be learning so much more, including:

  • Correct playing technique, posture and hand position
  • How to read and write notes on the grand staff (treble clef and bass clef)
  • How to read, write, and perform rhythms
  • How to listen to music and to dictate melodies
  • How to improvise and compose your own songs
  • The basics of music theory, including chords, key signatures, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with your first lesson! To begin, just click on the button below.

Happy playing!

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