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Music education for everyone.

We’re making online piano lessons irresistibly fun and affordable.

We’re changing everything you know about piano lessons.

Lots of people want to learn to play the piano. And lots of people start with lessons but don’t keep going. That’s because music lessons can be expensive and inconvenient, and old-fashioned teaching methods can take all the fun out of learning. We think there’s a better way.

The secret is Mr. Hoffman’s Method.

When our founder, Mr. Hoffman, started teaching piano, he tried various methods. None of them provided the kind of complete musical training he wanted his students to have. Some methods emphasized note reading and others mostly focused on playing “by ear.” None of them seemed to have it all. So, he created his own approach: the Hoffman Method!

The Hoffman Method embodies Mr. Hoffman’s vast experience in music and childhood education: a piano teacher for decades; an expert educator with advanced degrees in music; a published composer; and a frequent presenter at piano teacher workshops, national conferences, festivals and competitions.

With the Hoffman Method, students start by experiencing music. It feels familiar, because it’s how everyone first learns to communicate in their native language, listening and imitating—grasping sounds before symbols. Plus, they can start making music right away, which is a lot more fun and rewarding than memorizing dry facts and terminology.

By appealing to kids’ natural curiosity and playful spirits, Mr. Hoffman’s students actually want to keep coming back to the piano bench, lesson after lesson.

We’re filling homes around the world with music.

In 2007, Hoffman Academy started providing in-person piano lessons to a handful of students in Portland, Oregon. Today, we’re teaching piano online to thousands of people around the world. It’s all part of our mission to share the joy of music with as many people as possible, making sure piano lessons are available and affordable to everyone.

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Our team has a passion for teaching music.

We are a diverse group with a common goal: to apply technology to the art of teaching piano, so more people around the world can experience music.

Portland Academy Teachers

14 educators who provide in-person and group lessons to 250+ students in Portland, Oregon—and help shape our online curriculum.

Mr. Hoffman

Our visionary founder and the face of Hoffman Academy online.

Creative Technologists

The designers, engineers and videographers behind the scenes who bring our teaching and fun ideas to life online

Finger Puppets

A cast of characters who appear in Mr. Hoffman’s lessons, adding a little silliness to each session.

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With the Hoffman Method, there are no barriers to learning piano—whatever your age, wherever you live!

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