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Free Piano Tracker and Planning Resources

By Claire Robertson
Free Piano Tracker & Planning Resources.

Use our free Piano Trackers and planning resources to monitor progress

At Hoffman Academy, we offer free resources for planning your piano progress. You’ll find tips and tricks about using piano tracking to make musical practice more fulfilling, as well as links to our 21 Day Piano Habit Tracker, our Monthly Piano Planner, and more. With options for daily, weekly, and monthly habit tracking and planning, Hoffman Academy’s resources will help you efficiently organize your piano practice time.

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The benefits of using piano trackers and planners

Piano trackers and planners help pianists of all ages develop key skills including consistent practice and goal setting. Hoffman Academy’s collection of free piano planning resources help students build good practice habits. We recommend using planners and habit trackers together to reach your musical goals. 

Whether you’re looking to learn a new song or a new scale, our habit trackers and planners can help you track your progress towards S.M.A.R.T. musical goals (or Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals).  

    • Start by identifying a Specific goal – perhaps  a piece of music to check off and memorize, or a new scale you’d like to learn.
    • Select the Measure of your success –  like playing the right hand, then the left hand, then hands together, and then memorized.
    • For an Achievable goal, set internal goals on a reasonable timeline. Choose something like “I’ll be able to play the melody in one week in my right hand, and the chords in my left hand the next week.” rather than “I will learn all of Fur Elise and memorize it in one day.” 
    • Double check that your goal is Realistic – select a song within a level of your unit of study that excites you to practice! 
    • Timely goals have deadlines and internal goals to help us stay motivated and on track. 

Having identified a SMART goal, our Piano Habit Tracker sheets can help students track their progress towards the finish line. Write the skills or songs they’ve chosen to practice to achieve their goal in the habit tracker. Every day after practice, check off the skills practiced that day. At the end of any week or month, the habit tracker reveals which skills were practiced every day and provides valuable data about how to practice better. Looking back over a tracker and planner can provide a strong sense of motivation and accomplishment.

 21-Day Piano Habit Tracker

Transform your piano practice into an effective habit with our 21-Day Piano Habit Tracker. Identify your goals and track them every day of each week for three weeks. For this habit tracker, pick 4 skills or songs and track your practice for week 1. For weeks 2 and 3, you can choose to work on the same four, or incorporate new ones after achieving the previous skill or song goals. At Hoffman Academy, we recommend tracking repertoire songs and pieces alongside theory practice concepts.

This Habit Tracker is perfect for students in the Early Elementary and Elementary units. This is also an ideal starting place for young pianists, or those beginning their practice tracking journey. With four to five optional songs and skills to identify and track each week, this habit tracker helps students learn to identify what to practice along the way to their goal.  At the end of the 21 days, pianists of any age will enjoy looking back to see which skills were most practiced, and which pieces didn’t get as much attention.

Monthly Piano Planner

This Monthly Piano Planner helps you map out monthly practice goals and the amount of time you plan to practice on a given day. At the top of the planner, you can list the repertoire songs and finger power scales and goals you want to accomplish in a given month. You can also track the amount of time that you practiced on a given day. 

Hoffman Academy’s Monthly Piano Planner makes an ideal companion to the Monthly Habit Tracker. This planner helps students refine their goal-setting skills and identify what to practice to bring a piece closer to mastery. In the Habit Tracker, you can write down tasks and scales related to the songs listed in the top of the piano planner. 

Monthly Piano Habit Tracker

The Monthly Piano Habit Tracker keeps track of up to 31 days of piano playing. It includes spaces for you to identify up to 12 songs, scales, or piano skills that you want to track for a month of playing and practicing. This tracker is great for Late Elementary and Intermediate pianists and beyond. As repertoire songs and finger power exercises, like scales, increase in complexity, a Monthly Piano Habit Tracker can be an excellent resource for intermediate students to visualize the music and exercises they progress through in a month. 

This tracker combines with the Monthly Piano Planner to take your piano practice to new heights of efficiency. Having identified your repertoire song goals in the planner, this tracker will help you assess your progress as you check off each day you do the task.  

Practice Trackers for Different Time Periods

Use the ‘My Goals’ tracker to motivate piano learners of all ages over a longer period of time! Designed for you to write down the songs you want to play and the date on which you complete learning them, this one-page resource helps organize goals and provide a sense of achievement. This resource grows with pianists as their skill level increases. As songs are checked off, students can see their progression to more difficult musical concepts. 

Another great resource for students of all ages is the Repertoire List. This useful one-page tracker includes the title, composer, and date of completion for every song in a student’s repertoire! Pianists can use this handy tracker for a sense of accomplishment or as a review to revisit pieces that they learned in the past. 

For the youngest piano learners working through online lessons, our Piano Assignment Sheet for Beginners offers a colorful, one page assignment sheet for beginner students. For more advanced students in the Elementary level and beyond, the Piano Assignment Sheet helps keep lessons and daily practice aligned. It includes a blank piano keyboard and grand staff, as well as spaces to write down repertoire, theory and time spent practicing. 

Want to check out all the piano practice trackers Hoffman Academy has to offer? Visit our Store and look around for the right motivational tracking resource for you and your piano learner today! 

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