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Fun Ideas for Using the Tempo Dice

Have fun exploring tempo with these Tempo Dice from our Hoffman Academy Music Learning Resources.

For students in Units 7+.

Tempo Dice are a premium resource, but you can find other free resources on our Music Learning Resources page.

Just to review, these are the tempo words on the dice and what they mean:

Largo – broadly (40–66 bpm)

Adagio – slow and stately (literally, “at ease”) (66–76 bpm)

Andante – at a walking pace (76–108 bpm)

Moderato – at a moderate speed (108–120 bpm)

Allegro – fast, quickly, and bright (120–168 bpm)

Vivace – lively and fast (168–176 bpm)

Dice and Drum

Roll the die. Set a metronome to the tempo indicated. If you don’t own a metronome, you can find one online or even download an app. Practice playing a drum (any kind will do) in time with the metronome beat.

Feel the Beat

Dictate a song you know well on the heartbeat mat with rhythm cards. Roll the tempo die. Set a metronome to the tempo. Point to the heartbeats and say the rhythm words in time with the metronome.

Now try playing the drum along with the heartbeats while saying the rhythm.

Animal Tempi

Roll the die and set the tempo on the metronome. Listen to the beat. What animal does this tempo remind you of? Move like that animal while stepping to match the beat.

Explore Tempo at the Piano

Simply roll the die, set the metronome to the tempo, and play your music. Now roll it again and try the new tempo. How did the music feel different?


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