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11 Music Websites That Will Make Your Summer

Too hot to play outside? When kids clamor for something to do this summer, check out these great music websites. Fun for car rides, plane rides, or any time you want to try something new and keep the learning going.

Music Exploration

San Francisco Symphony’s SFS Kids


This one could keep a curious kid occupied for hours. Fun animated characters guide you as you learn about musical instruments and try playing, conducting, composing, and listening to music. The interactive animations are done with Flash, so it won’t work on an ipad or iphone. Ages 6-12.

Chrome Music Lab


Click on the grid to add notes, then play back your very own song. Lots of instruments to choose from, fun and easy to use, for ages 5 and up.

Music K-8 Kids


Listen to a huge library of free music recordings for kids, plus play music learning games on this educational website. Ages 6-12.

The Wide World of Music: A Guide to 100 Musical Instruments


Hear sample recordings of 100 different musical instruments, including unusual and ethnic instruments. All ages.

Podcasts and Video Lessons

Classics For Kids Podcast


This weekly podcast from NPR introduces kids to great classical musicians in an entertaining way. The website also includes free music games and activities. Ages 6-12.

From the Top


Hear inspiring stories of young musicians and listen to the fantastic music they can play. All ages.

Jacobs Vocal Academy


Improve your singing by following along with a series of free vocal exercise videos. All ages.

Ear Training and Music Theory

Theta Music Trainer


Sign up for a free account and you’ll have access to music theory tutorials and lots of great ear training games. For older kids and adults.



Learn music theory from beginning to advanced, plus practice music reading, ear training, identifying chords and intervals, and more on this free website. Older kids and adults.

Music Tutor


Improve your sight reading skills with this free app. Choose your difficulty level and then race the clock to identify notes on the staff.

Especially for Parents

Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

Music education tips from an elementary school music teacher make a great resource for homeschool parents or anyone who wants to teach music to their kids. Includes blog posts, podcasts, free printables, and also complete lesson plans for purchase.

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