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We’re Having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale on Premium Membership

The most wonderful time of year is right around the corner, and we’d like to celebrate the holidays by offering you the chance to give family and friends the gift of musical experiences at a great sale price. Starting on Friday, November 24, you can get one full year of Hoffman Academy premium for only $129 (regular monthly subscription costs $180 per year). That’s one full year of piano lessons and countless hours of musical fun.

What you get with Hoffman Academy Premium:

  • Over 180 online video lessons with expert music educator, Joseph Hoffman
  • Detailed daily practice instructions
  • Professionally recorded listening tracks for learning songs
  • Backing tracks for playing along
  • Printable sheet music, activity pages, and music learning resources
  • Online games that make mastering music skills fun

New Feature! Gifting and Pre-purchase

Right now we’re working on a way for you to purchase an annual subscription to Hoffman Academy premium to give as a gift to others, or to use for your own family at a later time. When our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale kicks off next week, you’ll be able to pre-purchase as much Hoffman Academy premium at this sale price as you like! Our regular prices are going up in January, so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.

What Makes Hoffman Academy a Great Holiday Gift?

girl smiling in front of pianoAs parents, we want the gifts that we give our children to bring them joy. We want to give them something that will last, something that will lift them up, something that will be a part of their life. Gifts are more than just objects. They are the possibility of future happy experiences.

Imagine the possibilities if you give your child the ability to play the piano.

You want to give your children things they will use, and not just for a little while. Learn to play the piano, and the music is with you for life.

You want to give your children quality. Hoffman Academy piano lessons provide the very best music education at an incredible price.

You want their lives to be better because of what you give them. Music lessons are proven to boost brain development and academic performance. Playing an instrument provides tremendous emotional and social benefits. Besides, it’s just plain fun!

You want to give your child something you can do and enjoy together. Discover the fun of being your child’s practice partner, or even learn right along with them. Experience music learning, growing, and sharing with Hoffman Academy.

You want your children to think of others, and use their gifts for good. Music is something to share. It can bring people together, heal hearts, inspire hope, and bless those who perform and those who listen.

Give a lifetime of musical experiences that begin with Hoffman Academy. Remember, our regular prices will go up in January, so now is the time.

Holiday blessings to you and your family,

The Hoffman Academy Team

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