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If you’re a kid with a question about learning piano, Sebastian is here to help! He’s a Hoffman Academy student just like you, and he’s the founding member of our Kids Club. He definitely knows what he’s talking about!

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Dear Sebastian,

I started playing the piano when I was five and now I’m eight. I like to figure out how to play my favorite songs on the piano by myself. I play around with notes until I figure it out because it’s more fun that way even if it takes a long time. Here’s the problem - my dad and my piano teacher both say I need to play what’s on the page when I practice instead of doing what I actually want. I don’t get it! Both ways I’m playing the piano, right? Can you help me figure out what to say to my dad so I can practice the way I want?

Thanks, Cole in California

Hi Cole,

I’m exactly like you! I like to spend time figuring out how to play the songs that I love – especially songs from movies I’ve seen. And! My dad bugs me about practice when I’m playing what I want and not exactly what’s part of my actual practice stuff, too! I started doing my regular piano practice each day and then after that’s done I spend all the time I want playing what I want. Somehow my dad doesn’t bug me about it because he knows I already did my regular practice. Try that! Do you regular practice and make sure your dad knows it. Then maybe you can play whatever you want!


Dear Sebastian,

I have never played in a recital. I was supposed to play in a recital last year but my little sister was sick that day and so my mom was busy with that and I missed the recital. I was a little sad but not very sad because I was actually really nervous and that’s why I am writing to you now. What do I do about how nervous I feel about playing in front of people in a recital? My teacher and my mom both say not to worry about it and they say things like “you’ll do great” - I’m just not sure I believe them because they aren’t the ones who have to play the piano! I wish I felt better about this.

Jenna in Pennsylvania

Hi Jenna,

My first recital made me feel exactly how you feel. NERVOUS. I tried and tried to figure out exactly what I was nervous about because I’m not too afraid to talk in front of people and I really love to play the piano so a recital seemed like it should be easy. The one thing I don’t like doing is messing up and I was definitely afraid of messing up at the recital. I tried to practice and practice so I could play without mistakes and that made me feel a lot better. At the recital I tried to play without thinking about how worried I was about mistakes and it worked! It helped me to think about the recital as no big deal because I had practiced playing those songs so many times. Maybe this will help with your recital?