Learn how to teach the Hoffman Method in your studio.

In the video training series below, Joseph Hoffman, creator of the Hoffman Method for Piano, explains the core principles of the Hoffman Method and provides step-by-step instructions for how to get started teaching using this innovative approach.

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A Whole-Music Approach: Introduction to the Hoffman Method

What is a “whole-music” piano teaching approach? A brief introduction to this Teacher Training video series.

Sound Before Symbol

Learn how to tap into the powerful learning capabilities of a child’s mind using the Hoffman Method Core Principle of “sound before symbol.”

Teaching a Song By Ear

Learn a step-by-step sequence for teaching a song by ear. Watch Mr. Hoffman demonstrate these steps with actual students.

Get a printable chart with all the steps and variations for teaching a song by ear.

Whole – Part – Whole

A common mistake in piano teaching is neglecting this simple, yet powerful framework for teaching any new concept or skill: “Whole – Part – Whole.”

Get a printable infographic on “Whole – Part – Whole.”

Integrating the Hoffman Method with Your Piano Studio

Getting started with the Hoffman Method doesn’t need to be complicated. Learn four specific tools for easily bringing the Hoffman Method into your studio.

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