Perfect for kids aged 5+

Free online piano lessons for your homeschool curriculum!

Free online piano lessons for kids

Hoffman Academy is the proven way for homeschool families to learn piano online. Kids LOVE coming back to the bench each day with fun and engaging piano lessons with Mr. Hoffman!

  • 300+ free video lessons.
  • No more driving to and from lessons.
  • Kids are engaged and have fun.
  • Curriculum is rooted in early child development and learning theory.

You can trust that your child is getting a high-quality education backed by the latest learning theory. Not only will they learn to play piano online, they’ll master music theory, technique, sight reading, and more.

Free online piano lessons for kids

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How piano lessons fit into homeschool

How Hoffman Academy fits into Your Homeschool Curriculum

How piano lessons fit into homeschool

Rooted in early child development and learning theory, the Hoffman Method teaches children to not only play piano but to truly comprehend music. 

Its multi-sensory approach engages their natural curiosity and creativity while providing a high level of musical proficiency. 

Your child will love becoming a well-rounded musician with Mr. Hoffman! Kids start playing music by ear to build a strong foundation of musical understanding. Students will progress to understand music theory, learn to improvise, read sheet music & rhythms, and more!

“I have two children who have learned to love practicing the piano because of your fun, information-packed videos! Thank you!"

Sheri, Homeschool Parent

Piano Notes

Got questions about free online piano lessons for kids?

Yes, really! Our entire library of 300+ video lessons and popular songs are available for free, always. Our mission is to make music accessible to as many kids as possible around the world. This is one way in which we can fulfill that mission. In addition to a free account, we do have a Premium level of membership which provides access to sheet music, practice materials, and interactive games. Premium memberships enable us to continue to make new content accessible to everyone.

The Hoffman Method was created by Joseph Hoffman. When he started teaching piano, he tried various methods. None of them provided the kind of complete musical training he wanted his students to have. Some methods emphasized note reading and others mostly focused on playing “by ear.” None of them seemed to have it all. So, he created his own approach: the Hoffman Method!

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