Lesson 53

Silver Birch Tree: Adding Chords

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  • Daniel

    I like all the units

  • Brooke Joppich

    Hi Mr Hoffman I am just wondering if there are any chords for the second part of silver Birch Tree?

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      Hoffman Academy

      No, there aren’t. This arrangement has both hands play in unison for the second part. Thanks for checking!

      • Brooke Joppich

        Okay! Thanks.

  • Drew

    Do you use iMovie to make your videos?

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      Hoffman Academy

      Some of our videos were edited with Adobe Premiere Elements, and some with Final Cut Pro. I hope that helps!

  • Katherine

    Mr. Hoffman,
    I just want to drop a note to say thank for your wonderful and amazing piano teaching skills. Your videos and your materials have helped a lot.
    Thanks much!

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      Hoffman Academy

      Thank you! It’s always wonderful to hear that students are enjoying and benefiting from our program. 🙂 – Mr. Hoffman

  • carla

    Hello Mr.Hoffman i am 9 years old and one secret for me and you (i actually did the mellody & the accords together all by myself without you telling me to do it) have a great thanksgiving, carla

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      Hoffman Academy

      That is fantastic! I’m impressed that you took the initiative to challenge yourself in your piano practice. Keep up the great work! – Mr. Hoffman

  • Moriah

    Hello Mr. Hoffman,
    thank you so much for your lessons! They have helped me so much! I have bought the materials and printed them and I played “Silver Birch Tree” before watching your lesson with the chords. I am 13 and I have done your lessons for over a year now.
    Thanks again, Moriah Howard

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      Hoffman Academy

      That is wonderful! Keep up the good work. – Mr. Hoffman

  • Teresa

    awesome I got the song…. Thanks Mr. Hoffman.

  • Katie


  • Marites Grier

    This is a beautiful website… Thank you.