Lesson 11

Finding A & B on the Piano

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  • Sean

    I meant b and f

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      Hoffman Academy

      That is also a great way to remember your letters on Piano Street!

  • Sean

    Just say back and front yard for g and f.

  • Breanne

    the pets i have thought of is baboon, bat and boxer

  • Aisya

    A bull could be Aunt Annie’s pet but it must be tamed or else it might mess the garden up!

  • Julia

    Brachiosaurus, Bear, Butterfly, Beaver, Buffalo, Black Panther, Bulldog, Boa Constrictor, Badger, Beast, Bee, Baboon, Box Turtle

  • Jacob

    a baracuda!

  • Caelden

    totaly cool!

  • Caelden


  • Baden

    Buffalo is a good pet.
    Baden the Buffalo.

  • Wilton

    Bald Eagle

  • home page

    Thanks for offering this sort of awesome post

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson!

  • Leah

    Boa constructor

  • Alex

    Bald Eagle

  • Ashlynn Gilbert


  • Lily

    Aunt Annie brought a bear into the house…

  • Sarah

    Buddy the dog, baboon, badger

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      Hoffman Academy

      Those are fun suggestions!

  • Gabe

    A bear named Bob

  • Anna

    A bunny, beaver, blue bird, bear, beagle, or bulldog!

  • Lara


  • Josiah S.

    Dear Mr. Hoffman,
    We took a break from piano lessons over the summer, so we are reviewing this unit. How about a bald eagle for Aunt Annie? I love the puppets!

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      Hoffman Academy

      That’s wonderful! Good luck and happy playing.

  • Sarah

    Border collie, Bear,

  • natania kurian

    good piano teacher

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      Hoffman Academy

      Thank you very much!

  • John

    A bear

  • Gabe

    A boy LoL???? I love these lessons

  • Judah

    Boa constrictor
    Bunny Rabbit

  • vidhya

    5-yr-old Jeshurun promptly responded, “Bunny”.
    She likes your lessons and her favorite is, ‘yum, yum yum,yum,yum,chocolate i have some’!!!!!
    Even dada is drawn in now to the lessons!!
    THANKYOU, all the way from South India.

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      Hoffman Academy

      Thank you so much for sharing! We’re delighted to have your whole family learning with us. Good luck and happy playing!

  • sparrow

    Her pet bear.

  • oneil

    a bever

  • Enoch Adeniyi


  • Enoch Adeniyi

    A butterfly.Get it a butter-fly.A fly that has butter on it.LOL.

  • Naomi

    What about a Bobcat

  • Z. R.

    What about a boar? And I love your lessons!

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      Hoffman Academy


  • Alexi

    I think a pet for Ant Anny could be a Bee, and one for Granny could be a Flamingo.

  • Kari

    Black Panther. Not your typical house cat.????

  • J.T.

    Bullfrog.(do you have any tips on Baldwin pianos?????

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m not sure what you mean by “tips.” Are you asking for a recommended model or how to care for them or whether they are a reliable brand?

  • Jamarcus

    B for big elephant with humungus ears like dumbo. also he can fly like a kiwi

    • Ayla

      Baboon, bat, bullfrog, baby bear, badger, also basilisk. Mythical pet 🙂

  • Gwen

    b for a bat

  • Clare

    My name is Joseph. I think B should be for baboon! I like the funny bits at the end of your lessons.

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m glad you like them. I like them too. 🙂

  • Kayala

    I love your lessons mr.Hoffman 🙂

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m so glad!

  • Braden

    Bear for the letter b.

  • Nan

    Blue Bird.

  • Samantha

    Blue Bird.

  • Miriam

    a big bee

  • Neal

    Aunt Annie’s pet could be a beaver!

  • Blake

    A black cobra :D.

  • William


    • August


  • Jack


  • Brooke

    Binturong also known as the Bearcat. Thanks so much for your lessons Mr Hoffman!!!

  • Ethan

    Baracoders a type of shark thanks mr Hoffman for your lessons I love alphabet street!!!

  • Cassie

    Black widow

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      Hoffman Academy

      Oh dear – I’m not sure I would want one of those as a pet!

  • Fletch

    Border collie!!!


    brown bear,barbary sheep,bighorn sheep,blue widebeast,bactrian camel,black-backed jackel, bat-eared fox,bobcat,bengal tiger,badger,bearded seal,beluga,blue whale,brazilian three-banded armadillo,bombardier beetle,brush-tailed bettong,buff-tailed bumblebee,butterfly,baboon,greater bilby,bonobo

  • Maddie

    A baby bunny would be great! ????

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      Hoffman Academy

      …especially for Easter! 🙂

  • anna

    a bulldog

  • Daniel


  • Malvika

    How about a butterfly or a beaver

  • josue

    Blue leg chameleon

  • min


  • Andrew

    How about a blob fish? By the way it really is a real fish!????

  • Tom

    Not sure if is already here… Isaac, my son insisted on adding bison to the list. He has been a bit obsessed since our trip to Yellowstone last year.

  • Barry

    How about a basilisk?

    • Barry

      or a bow head whale?

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      Hoffman Academy

      Whoa, that would make a pretty scary pet! – Mr. Hoffman

  • Andrew

    Another animal that begins with B is badger! 🙂

    • Jared

      Buffalo and Bull

  • Rebecca

    Baby boaconstricter

  • bob


  • Mandy

    A baby bear! I am an adult beginner but I absolutely love piano street as a way of remembering the keys. The story you have created is so visual which is brilliant for me to learn. Thank you

  • Camilla

    Blue footed booby!!

  • Athena

    How about a blue butterfly ????????

  • Ruchita

    a badger would be nice for aunt Annie

  • Jack

    I think Aunt Annie should have a pet Burrito.

  • anant

    beavers are the best!!!!!!!

  • anant

    i think ant annie can have a pet beaver

  • bob

    boa constrictor

  • Cherie


  • Aly

    What about a Blue Dragon. Hey auntie Annie can fly around all the time! lol

    • Kaelan

      Haha xD

  • Ana

    My nickname is annie and Igo by annie but you spell it ani.
    Its like I really do live with my grandma!

  • Ana

    I love the finger puppets!

  • Anne

    Balloon Fish!!!(:

  • skylar heeter

    ant anie has a pet bat in her back yard !

  • ryleigh

    Black bear,boxer, babbon

  • Roland

    A BABY Elephant 😀

  • Christopher

    bottle nose dolphin

  • Traci

    Baby boy!!!

    • Eli

      How about Brachiosaurus?

  • Traci

    Butterfly, brown bear, bat, and bee.

  • Chris (7)


  • bryan

    how do you do e major?

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      Hoffman Academy

      The easiest way for you to learn about the E major pentascale would be to check out my Lesson 58, where it is introduced. Then I can both explain and show you how to play it. Give that a try, then let me know if you have more specific questions when you’re done. Please remember, however, that I’ve ordered the lessons to introduce basic concepts first so more challenging skills have a good foundation: if you’re working through the lessons from the beginning, jumping ahead two units may be both difficult and frustrating. Be patient with yourself. 🙂 – Mr. Hoffman

  • Sarah


  • David Ellis

    Bat, Boa Constrictor.

  • anya

    my aunt ashley taught me some piano already
    by the way were does the boy live? in the backyard?

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      Hoffman Academy

      I think he lives in a House, just off Piano Street! 🙂 – Mr. Hoffman

    • Esther

      Oooooooh, Aunt Annie is JEALOUSE of Grandma!!!!!

    • Esther

      Thank you, Joseph Hoffman! Your lessons REALY help a beginner. But could you do some songs like Motzart? (Or, however you spell it.)

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        Hoffman Academy

        The lessons do progress to more difficult songs in further units, and – though we don’t have any Mozart yet – you will eventually see some classical works as well. Keep up the good work! – Mr. Hoffman

  • Layla


  • Sarah

    🙂 Great lesson, Mr. Hoffman. I really enjoy these piano lessons! I just wish that the keyboard I have was a full piano… The pet idea I had was a big blue boa constructor with black box-shaped spots. Isn’t that funny?

  • noah


    • shoshana


  • Annabelle

    Bald eagle
    Bull frog

  • Joshua

    a bear it could be dangerous but when its tamded then it could be a nice bear.

  • Ronee

    barn owl, bat, bunny, badger, beaver, bears, boars

  • Annabelle

    Baby beluga

  • akansha

    bull dog, boa, bird, buffalo, butterfly, bug, bee

    • Unknown

      Bulldog puppies

    • Dave


  • diana

    bear,bat,bullfrog do u like these?please reply

  • Tess

    Blue parakeet

  • Micah

    Bull frog
    Blue whales

  • Kiersten

    Baby cat

  • Jason

    a bear! a bear could be what auntie annie got! but then the bear got in the house and gobbled gramma and auntie annie oh no! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • dylan


    • anant

      you wrote what i rote miss dylan sir

      • anant


  • Kathryn


  • avan

    where are the worksheets

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      Hoffman Academy

      You can find the materials for this lesson with our Unit 1 materials in our store.

  • Amanda

    Baby bear, ball python, & bunny are the ones my kids came up with.

  • Meggen


  • Sarah

    I came up with,

    bear, bat bass, boa, badger,butterfly!!!!

  • Thalkima

    Bald eagle-/:;()$&@.,?!”

  • Ashi

    LOL.. WOW!!!
    This lesson is so cute and after you finished naming the notes alphabet the screen looked very very very beautiful.. You are my master!

  • Ashi

    I am not a native speaker but I still hope that you understand my comments..
    The new opening of your lessons appropriate you very much! You are one of the wonderful people I have ever known..

  • J

    Barn owl,
    Bengal tiger,
    Bearded collie,

  • Tracy

    A bat or a bug or bunny.


    A cute badger!

  • Pamela

    Bedazzled Dragon

  • rachel

    all I can think of is: bunny, bear, my brothers, butterfly and beagle

  • Christine

    Here is what I came up with:

  • Isabella

    Mr. Hoffaman,

    these are the words i came up with…
    bad,gag,bed,cab,def,abc,bag, and face

  • ibrahim

    Thanks for the lessons Hoffman!!!!!! It really helps me !!!!! U are a awesome piano teacher!!!!!!!!

  • diana

    thx for video that was grea8 i love piano strreet story

  • juzhum


  • john

    Thx for posting these mr Hoffman they have helped me allot

  • Nicholas

    Beaver, bangle, boa constrictor ,bear, beagle ,bumble bee

  • Kitta

    I came up with these bad,and face.

  • shan

    Hi Mr. Hoffman! How can I understand a music sheet? It is so hard to know where key should I play the notes [like – is it on C4 or C5] Please help me :(( ,, and Im so confuse why the other notes *w/out sharp before it — is played with black keys? Help Mr. Hoffman. : ) ,, also thanks for helping us beginners to learn more.

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      Joseph Hoffman

      Hi–learning to read music takes some time. I have several lessons that help get you started with reading notes. Here are some of my lessons that focus on how to read music: Lesson 21, 32, 43, and 46. I hope this helps!

  • i love your lessons

    Beavers, boas and bears. Oh my!

  • Melissa

    See if u guys can sole my mystery word 🙂 g , a, g, lol have fun !!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Nyla

    Bag !

  • laura


  • Lianna


    • Kitta

      What’s beaver supposed to mean?

      • sparrow

        It’s what the aunt’s pet can be.

  • Kaden

    I Got Good

    • Jessica

      I love the puppets