Summer Sale: Save $30!

Summer Sale: Save $30 on Yearly Premium!

Offer ends June 30th.

Offer ends June 30th.

Lessons 1–20

Piano Unit 1

Lesson 1 First Song

Lesson 2 Improvisation with Hot Cross Buns

Lesson 3 Musical Alphabet

Lesson 4 Finding C, D, & E on the Piano

Lesson 6 C Boogie

Lesson 7 Finding F & G on the Piano

Lesson 8 Five Woodpeckers

Lesson 9 Rhythm Dictation: Hot Cross Buns

Lesson 10 Frog in the Middle

Lesson 11 Finding A & B on the Piano

Lesson 12 Rhythm Composition

Lesson 13 Chocolate

Lesson 14 D Major Pentascale

Lesson 15 Rhythm Dictation: Frog in the Middle

Lesson 16 Finger Numbers

Lesson 17 Listen for Bells

Lesson 18 Half Notes

Lesson 19 Improvisation with Listen for Bells

Lesson 20 Frog in the Middle: Adding Chords