LESSON 22 Rain Come Wet Me

What you'll learn

Review high and low notes
Solfa patterns
Learn the song Rain Come Wet Me


Rain come wet me,
Sun come dry me,
Keep away, everyone!
Don't come nigh me.

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83 Responses

  1. Hello Mr Hoffman,
    I am an adult learner and love your lessons. Thank you so much. When analysing the music I can manage to get the rhythm and write it down but realise I have a problem analysing pitch, ie whether the notes repeat, step up or step down etc. (although I can sing back the notes). When you do the solfege/show the answer I can then hear it but I can’t yet do this independently. Is this something that will come eventually do you think or is there something I can do to practise this skill? Many thanks for your time.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying the lessons! Ear training is definitely an important component to being a well-rounded musician and is also a skill that can take time and experience to gain confidence in. If you keep practicing and working on it then you will most likely see improvement! I would recommend reading our article on Developing a Musical Ear which has some helpful information as well as ideas of how to practice these skills.

      I hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Playing!

  2. Hi mr.hoffman I would like to know how to do the cords to rain come wet me and I wanted to know if you could tell me how so I can play it for my church ????
    Ps I love your lessons.

  3. i love your lessons .thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much . can you make more???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    love your freind that loves learning.

    • I’m so glad that you love learning and are enjoying our piano lessons! We’re in the process of making more right now – I hope you enjoy them when they come out. Good luck and happy playing!

  4. Your lessons are great. can you do some more lesson with cords with the melody? ☺????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Well, you’re in for a treat because there are lots more lessons ahead with both melody and chords! I’m glad you’re enjoying the lessons. Good luck and happy playing!

  5. I love your lessons❤️
    Please send me listen for bells accompanient
    via my email:princesspeach100@hotmail.com
    ❤️ the funny endings and amazing lessons
    Got my piano for Christmas (been asking for 3yrs now)
    RSVP ASAP ???? ????

    • You’re welcome! I’d love to offer online violin lessons at some point, as well as other instruments. First we want to get our piano curriculum up to intermediate and advanced levels, so it may be a while. I hope that helps! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Same, and it is for most people but me need to learn how to play scales we are so frailer with not just the easy ones.

      • Absolutely! You can try adding chords to just about any song, in any key. We’ll get more into chording in future lessons, and eventually with patience and diligent practice you will start to “hear” how chords could be added to melodies you already know. Thanks for asking! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Yep. My first lesson teaching and using the E major pentascale is Lesson 58, and many other lessons introduce and use other pentascales. When you reach Lesson 120, you will have learned every single major and minor pentascale there is! – Mr. Hoffman

    • That sounds like a great challenge! You could also try singing the lyrics or solfege alone, then as you play. Another challenge is to try playing the song while someone else is singing – it takes some skill to play your own part well while also listening and following along with another person. Good luck! – Mr. Hoffman

  6. Can you give me some really hard super challenges for this song? The ones on the worksheets were too easy for me because I know this song by heart. Thank you Mr. Hoffman

      • Can you please send it to me too? Or is there a downloadable file link? We have already purchased the worksheets and it’s not there.

        We live in a remote location in Australia, so one-on-one piano lessons weren’t an option for us. After a google search for “free piano lessons”, there you were! 8 year old really loves the lessons, and we find it breaks up our homeschool day having a ‘different teacher’ in the room with us ;) Thank you and God bless your work.

        • I’m so glad you are finding our lessons helpful! We’ve sent the sheet music via email. Good luck and happy playing!

  7. I made a huge rain stick with a LOT of nails,
    a cardboard tube, a LOT of (stinky) duct tape and a lot of beans.
    It is about half as tall as a man.

    • I’m sorry, Albert – I don’t quite understand your question. Could you either clarify here or using our contact form? I’m happy to help! – Mr. Hoffman

  8. Such an emotional piece Mr. Hoffman. Wasn’t expecting it. Makes for a lovely change. Wish if I could play the way you played at the beginning of the video! Anyways, I want to get a clarification. The third line… it’s rhythm is like

    Ti-Ti (keep-aw) Ta (ay) Ti-Ti (ever-y) Ta (one)


  9. Thank you so much for your piano lessons Mr. Hoffman. I enjoy learning piano. I am 60 yrs old. I want to learn and play in the village church we have in an Indian village. God bless you.

  10. Mr. Hoffman by the way I have a younger brother who has done more lessons than me. :) did the lesson wild horses today!

  11. COOL RAIN STICK!!! great lessons I can’t wait for you to bring the finger puppets into all the lessons. :D

    • I’m sorry that most lessons after Lesson 10 don’t have a little surprise at the end after the credits–yet. Lessons 11-60 are mostly lessons that I filmed over a year ago, before I got the idea to add in puppets at the end. But, don’t worry, the puppets come back in Unit 4, and eventually I hope to re-film all of the lessons with the fun endings. Thanks for watching and learning with me! -Mr. Hoffman

      • How,are we supposed to do all those keys and sing it’s hard to focus while i sing! Everybody thinks its easy to play all those keys in just like 10 seconds i mean whats up with that? And nigh or whatever what does it mean?

        P.S. THX -:) :) :) really helped me learn songs and keys thx for making this website! I think my favorite would have to be woodpecker tap tap!

        Type Back,
        Gabriel Morris

        • you probably wanted mr. Hoffman to reply, but I have a suggestion: try singing without playing then playing without singing, then both for half of the song, then when you get that down, do the other half. I hope it works!

          • Thanks, Moriah, for helping out! It’s a great idea to work on singing and playing separately and then try them together. Another thing you can try, once you’ve mastered them separately, is to ask someone else to sing while you play so you can focus on the notes but also hear them together. Also remember that anytime you struggle with a concept, slowing down helps a lot. – Mr. Hoffman

  12. Hello Mr. Hoffman. My name is Rocio Rodriguez and I am a general music teacher in El Paso, TX. My school has a piano lab ans I’ve been using your lessons for two years as part of my curriculum. I appreciate you are providing lessons for free. My kids love them. Thank you for all you do. Ms. Rodriguez

  13. You’re a great teacher… I had some lessons berore your course but you give good memorization and practice tools. I look forward to the more advance lessons, which I know I will be downloading the practice material.Thanks for the lessons! :- )

  14. Hey Joseph Hoffman! It’s O’shea’s sissy! And I’ve been wondering if you can actually reply back to me and my brother.
    I’d really appreciate it if you could, and by the way, my brother loves your finger puppets! That’s why I think he’s been telling you about them all this time, but please reply back when you can!
    O’Shea’s Sis. Dearly

    • Hi O’Shea and Dearly, so glad you enjoy the finger puppets at the end of the lessons! Sorry that I haven’t added them to all of my lessons yet. I just had the idea to do that recently. So, when I re-filmed lessons 1-12, I added them, but I haven’t had time to re-film my other lessons yet, since I am now working on Unit 4: Lessons 61-80. Eventually I’ll probably go back and re-film all the earlier lessons, too, so they all can have a fun surprise at the end! Thanks for watching and learning with me. I hope you enjoy learning to play the piano! Your friend, Mr. Hoffman

  15. Your SOO Awesome! My little sis is now 10 and she’s capable of doing everything! YOUR THE BEST! Anyway, she has so much fun when she learns new songs and music notes.
    From, O’shea
    Hold on Joseph Hoffman, my sis wants to tell you something….
    Hi Joseph! Your the best at everything in music I know! And I hope to learn from you and be as great as you one day! I know that I need more finger practice, ’cause I can’t make my hand bounce up and down like a trampoline… But also, what happened to your finger puppets? They’re funny! Last, can you please comment back to me? I hope you can when you have time

  16. Thank you a lot, Joseph Hoffman! You’re the best! My little sister loves hearing what you say and plays along to everything! Once again, thank you!

  17. Thanks a lot sir!I still did not get a proper hand movement and I cannot move my hands in a flowing way,but I know I can do it after more continuous practice.

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