LESSON 10 Frog in the Middle

What you'll learn

How to play Frog in the Middle on the piano
How to sing and play the pattern do-mi-so


Frog in the middle,
Frog in the sea,
Frog in the middle,
Can't catch me!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Hoffman.
    I am really enjoying the lessons. I have learned so much by watching and participating in the lessons. Thank goodness for headphones or I would have driven my family crazy with all the practices. :) You break each lesson down that it is easy to understand. You simply have the talent for teaching and playing. I can’t wait to get to the next lesson. Thank you again.

    • It does take some practice, but you can make the practice fun by turning it into a game! And don’t worry: We’ll work more on finger numbers in future lessons.

  2. you are the best piano teacher ever since i saw your web i haven’t played games at all for this week i only play an hour a day i spend more time in school and on the website

    • There are a few grand pianos out there with more than 88 keys. The largest I’ve heard of (without adding the use of foot pedals) is the Stuart and Sons grand piano with 102 keys – a total of 14 extra notes at both ends of the piano. However, these larger varieties are very, very rare compared to the vast majority of standard 88-key digital, acoustic, and grand pianos. There are a few natural reasons for this: One is that the longer the keyboard, the more likely it is that a pianist will need to slide around on the bench or lean uncomfortably far out to reach the furthest keys. Another reason is that our ears don’t generally distinguish very low or very high tones as well, so lower notes tend to sound muddy while higher ones start to sound shrill. The piano evolved over time to fit our natural ways of playing and listening to music, leading us to the generally accepted 88-key standard.

  3. Mr. Hoffman, I like your little frogs, and your big ones .

    Thank you for the lessons ,they are so easy to follow .

    I appreciate your help and work. :-)

    • I’m afraid we do not have a program specifically geared to adults. However, we do have hundreds of teens and adults using our lessons and still finding great success with our method. I hope you find it helpful!

  4. Thank you so much for this program!!! My son is 4 1/2 and is loving his piano lessons. This lesson is a bit hard for him, because his hand is a bit small, so we are going to continue on to lesson 11 and just revisit this one often. Besides re-watching this lesson over and over and practicing all of the previous songs, and finger power exercises, are there any other super simple songs for little hands that you would recommend him learning?

    Thanks so much, again! We are loving this so much that I have been telling everyone about your program! Absolutely outstanding program.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that your son is enjoying our lessons. It sounds like your practice time has a lot of variety – that’s great! For new songs, I would recommend you check out the free sheet music available at GMajorMusicTheory.org: they sort the songs by difficulty level, so your son would probably do well with “1stPieces” and Primer level music. I hope that helps. Good luck and happy playing!

    • Thanks! You are right that we’re trying to incorporate more visual graphics into our lessons to add interest and clarity. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying them!

    • That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for your interest. I’m very happy to be your piano teacher. :) – Mr. Hoffman

  5. I am a 25 year old who has a learning disability, and always had a difficult time understanding the keys and notes when trying to learn to play the piano. Your lessons are amazing and make it very simple to follow along. I do not own a keyboard or piano, but I practice on a hard surface with the right postures and follow along so well. I hope by the end of this year that I understand better and get the chance to try out on a piano. Thank you so much. Also how many free lessons are there in total? Thank you and have a great day. -Jared

    • I’m so pleased to hear that you are enjoying yourself and feeling confident with my program! With the launch of Unit 7, we’ll have 140 official lessons; however, several of those lessons have a “Part 1″ and “Part 2″ and we also have about half a dozen bonus lessons; so in total, there are about 150. I hope that helps! Good luck and happy playing! – Mr. Hoffman

  6. Dear Joseph Hoffman my name is Cole I have been doing all the challenges I think I really like all the things that you do I have been doing it for a while and I am going on the lesson 11 thank you for being the best teacher ever

    • That’s fine. 61 keys is the minimum number required to successfully complete all the songs and exercises in our lessons, so you’re set! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Just wondering, WHY on EARTH is a FROG in the middle of the SEA?!?!?!?
      Joseph, could you please answer that question?

  7. Thank you for everything you did, have done, and will t delivery useful and interesting music lesson. I really love the way to teach Mr. Hoffman.
    My 7 years old son , nghia

  8. Mr. Hoffman,

    My 6 year old son is very much enjoying your lessons with the activities you’ve given. He likes you so much he names one of his fish Mr Hoffman!

    I also enjoy helping him playing piano but my only concern is that all his other friends taking piano lessons from a local teacher will have a concert once or twice a year. I do hope I can offer my son the opportunity too but we can’t afford it. Do you maybe have a online concert – doesn’t have to be a big one just a short one which is enough to encourage the little ones to feel he’s part of your student group and CAN play the piano a little?

    Thank you for your lessons.

  9. Hi Mr HoffMan. I am grateful to you for your lessons. I started my musical training with Indian Classical Ragas from 4 years of age, and …. I am 40 now :) …. and I keep learning something new every day. I have started learning piano now. Your lessons are great. I love the way you teach and stress on the basics. Thanks a ton.

  10. HI! Been playing flute for 20+yrs now, guitar for 10+yrs, and just acquired a keyboard, and back to basics! Nice job! Feel a bit silly, but learned where all my notes were in just a few lessons! Hope to keep learning, be nice to see a bit of sheet music too though, as I find myself staring at the keyboard, which, as a flute player, I am not used to. Thanks you so much for providing these lessons, and I hope someday to play the piano as well as the flute, maybe better!

    • Learning a new skill can be challenging, but I hope you won’t get discouraged. No matter what level you’re starting from, the best way to improve is through regular, diligent practice. I’ve put in many years of practice and hard work, and for me the adventure is worth it! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Ashi – A 49-key keyboard will certainly get you started, but fully performing our finger power exercises requires at least 61-key keyboard. I would advise you to begin practicing right away with what you have, but if you are serious about learning piano, it would be a good idea to begin looking into, or saving up for, a better model. We offer great advice on our blog about Choosing a Piano or Keyboard. Good luck! – Mr. Hoffman

  11. I’m nine years old and i love your lessons Mr. Hoffman.THANK YOU. I have an 88 key YAMAHA Clavinova digital piano. Is it ok?

    • Messing up is very normal when you’re learning new things. It’s actually a great way to learn more about yourself and where you can improve. It often helps to slow your playing way down, practice until you can do it right, and then start to play it a little faster each time until you’re up to speed. Don’t give up! When you use mistakes as opportunities to grow instead of letting them discourage you, you can become even better at what you want to do. Good luck! – Mr. Hoffman

  12. Hello! Do you ever mess up when you press the keys because they are so heavy? I use a 61 key piano (keyboard) not weighted keys so when I play a real piano I mess up…any advice?

  13. Wow! Mr. Hoffman – I really like you! You are teaching awesome, your playing is wonderful and I am watching your clips with great relish.

  14. Your a likeable guy and your teaching is excellent. So fun, playful, and easy to understand. You got a real gift brother. I chuckle with joy as I play the songs you teach.

  15. I am learning with them, because just as Bible study, it starts with something so simplistic. For some reason with adults, teaching becomes bland and less colorful. I feel like I’m getting to enjoy something I never had the opportunity for when I was little. My husband and I are thankful.

  16. Agreed! Wonderful lessons. I teach my three boys. We have truly been blessed by God with your lessons! Really, as much as the boys become frustrated, they love it that much more. I have been teaching myself for the past few years so that I could teach them. Not an easy feat. This came with much relief.

    • The puppets only come out in certain lessons: 1-9, 11-12, 35, 40, 57, and in all the Unit 4 lessons (61-80). That’s just because all the other lessons were filmed earlier, before I got the idea to add those at the end. Thanks for watching! -Mr. Hoffman

  17. Marvellous. Don’t have enough words to describe how simple, and useful and doable your piano lessons are. God bless you.

  18. you are better than every piano teacher i ever had I’ve been practicing for 2 days now and already getting better

  19. Thank you for being a good piano teacher Mr. Hoffman. I am learning with your lessons in Zurich. I am on lesson 10 and love practicing on my new piano.. Aideen, 6 years old :))

  20. Wow best teacher in the whole wide world I am nine and love the piano and I think you should make a class of piano and I will go almost everyday or maybe you could go to people’s houses and teach them if they have a piano. Thank you for teaching me. <3 <3 <3

  21. Hi, Mr. HOFFMAN, I’m 66 years old and I am from Colatina city, Espírito Santo State, Brazil. And I enjoy your lessons very much. I’m learning a lot. Thanks!

  22. Thank you for teaching me piano lesson i enjoy it,i am going to lesson 60,then i will be learning to play the guitar.I’m 11 years old. May God be with you.

  23. I Love playing piano I’m on lesson 32. Mom printed the lessons . I enjoy playing with them. Do you teach more then 60 lesson? God Bless you!!

    • Sorry about no puppets yet in Lesson 10! I just recently got the idea to add the surprise endings, so any lessons filmed prior to Nov 2013 won’t include the puppets. :( I have re-filmed lessons 1-9 and a few others, but have not yet re-filmed all the rest. Going forward, whenever I make a new lesson, or re-film an old lesson, I promise to include them! Thanks for watching!

  24. The shading was different in this one. Not that Im being rude, but also it had less quality and I saw someone in the shiny piano. Sorry if im mean :/

  25. my mom set me up on this website and I was not very excited at first ,but now I thank her so much for signing me up and thank u 2 Mr.Hoffman

  26. I love this website so much that I can’t get enough of that I do it every single day thank you for all your help. I even have been able to learnso much that I can teach my little brother.

  27. Thank you Mr Hoffman for teaching me the piano. I enjoy your lessons. I am on lesson 10. Do you know how to play other instruments? I am 6 years old and I live in London.
    I wish you a happy new year. Bye bye!

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