Due to an unusually high volume of customer support requests, we may take up to 48 hours to reply. Your issue is important to us, and we will reply to all requests in the order we receive them. We are a small team doing the best we can, so we thank you for your patience. In the mean time, you might be able to get an answer immediately by browsing these common issues below.

I get a blank screen when I try to add new students

Users in Firefox and Internet Explorer have reported receiving a blank screen or error message when they try to add new students. We are working to fix this bug; however, the quickest workaround is to use Chrome or Safari instead.

I did Kickstarter or the pre-sale and I am having trouble activating my Premium Membership

First, be sure to click on the “ACTIVATE” button in an email we sent you (be sure to check your spam folder if you didn’t get it). Using this button connects your reward/order to your account, but there is still one more step! Next you need to finalize the activation of your premium membership by assigning Premium to the specific students of your choice. Please log in (and use the email link if you haven’t already) and click on the purple “Activate Premium Membership” card in your account dashboard or “Students” page to grant the premium memberships to student profiles of your choice.

Here are some screenshots to help you through this process.

I can’t find my materials which I already purchased on your old site

To find your previously purchased Complete Materials, go to Account, then tap on Materials. At the top of the Materials page is a blue box with a link to the materials. Note that you must be logged in with the same email address you used to purchase the materials.

I can’t switch from “Premium” to “Free”

Users over the weekend reported not being able to toggle their student profile from “Premium” to “Free” in the “Manage Premium” page. We believe this bug has now been fixed. If you experience it again, please close and re-open your browser and then try again. Of course, please notify us if you are still unable to use the switch.

If your contact is regarding a purchase or technical problem, we can give you more prompt assistance if you include your email, a description of your issue, your operating system and web browser, and the country you are in. Thank you!