Sight Reading Trainer Book 1

An essential guide book for learning how to sight read piano music. For early elementary-level players. 36-page download.


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Learn the skill of reading piano music with the Sight Reading Trainer Book 1, by Joseph Hoffman and Alex Isackson. Sight reading is a very useful skill for all musicians—especially pianists. It means you can read sheet music and be able to play it without lots of practice! The exercises in this book make it easy to start sight reading right away.

With detailed instructions and tips on how to sight read, this book allows beginner-level students to approach sheet music with confidence and ever-increasing fluency. Starting with one-line exercises and progressing to reading music on the grand staff, students will recognize note patterns that allow them to learn music faster, rather than one note at a time. Also featuring instruction on meter and time signatures, this companion book is the perfect way to help students' sight reading keep pace with their repertoire. Includes boxes above each exercise for students to check off their progress.

For students in Units 3 and 4 of the Hoffman Method. 36-page download.

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