Happy Birthday To You (Elementary Version)

A free, easy lead sheet version of Happy Birthday for piano. 2 pages.


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Sheet music for Happy Birthday To You by Patty and Mildred Hill.  Every day can be your birthday with our FREE lead sheet version from Unit 6 of the Hoffman Method. Also included is an instruction page with tips for learning the chords for the left hand. 1 page.


Is Happy Birthday easy to play on piano?

Yes, it’s generally considered easy to play “Happy Birthday” on the piano, making it an excellent piece for beginners. Take a look at the free “Happy Birthday” sheet music for better understanding.

What key is "Happy Birthday to You" in?

"Happy Birthday to You" can be played in any key, but it's commonly taught or played in the key of C major because it doesn't require any sharps or flats, making it simpler for beginners. Our free copy of “Happy Birthday” sheet music is in the key of F major. The melody and chords can easily be transposed to other keys to suit the vocal range of the singer or the preference of the musician.

What are the chords for “Happy Birthday” on the piano?

Here are the basic chords to play with the left hand:
F Major Chord (also called the I Chord): F - A - C
B-flat Major Chord (also called the IV Chord): Bb - D - F
C7 Chord (also called the V7 Chord): C - E - G

These chords are played with the left hand while the right hand plays the melody. For beginners, you can start by playing the root note of each chord in the left hand instead of the full chords, and then progress to playing full chords as you become more comfortable.

Who composed “Happy Birthday to You”?

This song was composed by two American sisters, Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill. Patty was a kindergarten principal and Mildred was a pianist and composer. The song was originally written in 1893, with Mildred composing the melody and Patty writing the lyrics. However, the original song was titled "Good Morning to All" and was intended to be a simple and easy-to-sing tune for children.
The lyrics we know today as "Happy Birthday to You" were adapted from the original song sometime in the early 20th century. While the exact origin of the birthday lyrics is unclear, the tune attributed to the Hill sisters was unquestionably used as its foundation. Over time, "Happy Birthday to You" evolved into the version widely recognized and sung around the world during birthday celebrations.

Is “Happy Birthday to You” an ode?

This song is not typically classified as an ode. An ode is a form of poetry or song that is lyrical in nature, often elaborate in structure, and expressive of profound feelings or high praise towards a person, place, concept, or idea. Odes are usually more formal and serious in tone, often following specific structural guidelines. While "Happy Birthday" does express good wishes and celebrates an individual, it lacks the elaborate structure and the depth of expression typically associated with odes.

In contrast, "Happy Birthday to You" is a simple, straightforward song meant to celebrate a person's birthday. It's more of a traditional song or a folk song in its usage and structure, characterized by its brevity, repetitive melody, and universal appeal. 

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