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Packed with musical learning, Piano Teams help students quickly acquire musical skills at the piano while also building keen understanding in music theory and music notation reading. Our carefully designed curriculum includes proper playing technique and posture, note and rhythm reading, ear training, transposition, and improvisation. Each student is stationed at his/her own full-length 88-key digital piano (with weighted keys) to provide maximum playing time during the class. The classroom is also equipped with a beautiful, new Yamaha U-1 acoustic upright which all students will also have the opportunity to play on. Students love the small, interactive group setting, which creates wonderful motivation and makes a student’s first experience with piano a positive one. Parents love that their child is happy and eager to go to lessons, and that they are laying a foundation for a lifetime of joyful music making!

Ages: 5–11

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Parent Attendance: Last 15 minutes of class

Semester Commitment: 18 weeks

Class Size: 4–8 students

Come Together Week: Two Come Together Week sessions per semester

Fall 2018 Piano Teams Schedule

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Prep ANo experience requiredMonday4:50–5:50pm5–6Mr. Aron
Wednesday3:40–4:40pm6–9Mr. Matt
Wednesday4:50–5:50pm6–7Mr. Aron
Thursday3:40–4:40pm6–9Mr. Aron
Saturday12:00–1:00pm6–9Mr. Alex
Prep BCompletion of Prep A requiredSaturday1:15–2:15pm6.5–10.5Mr. Todd
Level 1ACompletion of Level Prep B requiredTuesday3:40–4:40pm7.5–11Mr. Aron
Wednesday2:30–3:30pm7.5–11.5Mr. Matt
Thursday4:50–5:50pm6.5–8Mr. Marshall
Level 2ACompletion of Level 1B requiredMonday3:40–4:40pm7–9Mr. Aron
Tuesday4:50–5:50pm7–12.5Mr. Aron


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FALL SEMESTER: Sep 10, 2018–Feb 2, 2019

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SPRING SEMESTER: Feb 4–Jun 15, 2019

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PianoClass LengthMonthly PaymentsSemester Tuition
Private Lessons45 minutes$180.90$904.50
60 minutes$225.90$1,129.50
Partner Lessons45 minutes$128.70$643.50
60 minutes$151.20$756.00
Piano Teams60 minutes$108.00$540.00

Fall/Annual Events & Materials Fee: $110 Fee Per Piano, Guitar, & Voice Student

Annual registration fee covers all Hoffman Academy curriculum materials (repertoire, listening CDs, theory worksheets), participation at all Hoffman Academy recitals and events, registration administrative costs, borrowing access from our music lending library, and a $15 Credit (for Piano & Guitar students only) towards purchasing additional materials (music books, music theory workbooks, etc.) needed throughout the year.

Payment/Monthly Installments:

Payment of first month’s tuition and registration fee are due upon registration. Monthly Installments amount to the semester tuition divided into 5 equal payments. Payment amounts do not vary based on the number of lessons received in a particular month. We encourage customers to sign up for auto-pay, which will allow us to automatically deduct your monthly tuition payment from your checking account on the 1st of each month. To sign up for auto-pay, complete an auto-pay form and submit it to the Academy office along with a voided check. Payments by cash, check, or credit card (online) are also accepted. A $20 per semester discount per student enrolled in an 18-week class or lesson will be given to account holders using Auto-Pay or personal check to pay for the full semester, and to account holders using Auto-Pay to pay monthly installments.

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