‘Musical Beginnings’ Pre-K Class

The first five years of life are a critical time for a child’s musical development. Without proper musical activity during this window the brain will have difficulty later in life with musical concepts. This class is an excellent way to ensure that a child will later have success learning an instrument and enjoy music deeply for a lifetime.

This class awakens children to the exciting world of music through singing activities, movement to music, drumming, listening to music of many styles, and exploring different instruments. A parent participates in the class with her or his pre-school age child to help build a family culture of music making together.

Ages: 2–5

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Parent Attendance: One parent participates in the class with the child

Semester Commitment: 10 weeks

Class Size: 3–7 students

Come Together Week: No Come Together Week for Musical Beginnings students

Musical Beginnings Class Schedule

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April 10–June 12, 2019Wednesday11:30am-12:15pmMr. Brenden

Brenden Ramirez

‘Musical Beginnings’ Pre-K Class Teacher

Brenden Ramirez is a guitarist and producer from Trabuco Canyon, California. While he has played the guitar for most of his life, he had finally decided to dedicate himself to formally study the craft in high school. His first teacher, Ira Raibon, was a former saxophonist for Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was under his compassionate mentoring that Brenden learned just how important of a role music played in his life. Brenden then attended Willamette University’s music program and received his B.A. in music with an emphasis in improvisation while studying under professors, James Miley and Mike Nord. In 2016, he was selected by his professors to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal as a visiting artist and educator.

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Oct 1–Dec 15, 2018

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Jan 14–Mar 23, 2019

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Apr 8–Jun 15, 2019

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Musical BeginningsSemester Tuition
First child in family$125.00
Second child in family$95.00

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