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Make 2021 memorable, super fun, and musical. We’re making music education at home easier with even more affordable rates on our Lifetime and Yearly Premium Memberships! Pay just $357 for a lifetime of Hoffman Academy and set up your mini musician for life. Interested in a Yearly Membership? Save an extra $40 and pay just $139 for a year of our award-winning piano lessons at home.

Everything Musicians Need to
Learn the Piano at Home

  • 260+ Delightful, professionally produced video lessons taught by Mr. Hoffman, a piano teacher they’ll love!
  • 5 Super-fun online games that help your mini musician master music theory
  • A music learning resource library with hundreds of printable songs and kid-friendly worksheets
  • Personalized practice plans from Mr. Hoffman. He’ll tell your young musician what to practice so you don’t have to!
  • Unlimited access to our audio track library so your aspiring pianist can play along and feel like a rockstar!
“Piano lessons at home! No driving to a studio or another’s home and having to entertain three other kids while one is practicing with a teacher. Each child can move at their own pace. This is the best teaching I’ve seen! (I wish my piano teacher had been like Mr. Hoffman!). Hoffman Academy is also budget-friendly for families with lots of learners. The all-in-one-place aspect of Premium membership makes my job as mom-guide so easy.”
“My 7-year-old son is getting a top-notch piano education with an amazing teacher through Hoffman Academy. The Premium membership makes it possible for me to support his learning at home in a way I couldn't with a private teacher. I really appreciate the organization of the video lessons, practice sessions and lesson materials. It couldn't be easier!"
“Hoffman Academy is awesome! My daughter enjoys the ability to learn piano from home. Mr. Hoffman’s method is educational and entertaining. The structure is wonderful, all the materials are provided and the systematic way in which the lessons and practices are laid out make it easy and fun.”

Make Music Accessible and Fun in 2021

Musical children:

Add award-winning piano lessons to your kids’ stockings this year by adding fun and easy to follow music classes that unlocks their creativity.

Adults learning the piano:

Hoffman Academy is designed for beginner piano students to help anyone–at any age–succeed at their instrument. 


Hoffman Academy is great for parents looking for a convenient and affordable option to add music classes to their homeschool curriculum.

A loved one or a neighbor:

Inspire someone you know by giving the gift of music to encourage them to embrace their creativity on their own time.

*Each Additional Student Only $299!

*Each additional student is just $89!

Hoffman Academy Premium FAQ

Our New Year Sale runs from January 1, 2021 to January 14, 2021 until 11:59 PM (PST).

I’m Already a Premium Member. Can I Get the Sale Price for an Added Year?

Yes. You can purchase it as a Premium gift code. When you purchase the code you’ll be charged the sale price, and you can activate the code right away (though the code does not expire). When you activate the code, it will add 12 months on to the end of your existing membership. It will always be good for 12 months of piano even if we raise prices in the future. 

I’m Already a Premium Member. Can I Get the Sale Price and Upgrade to Lifetime?

Yes. You can purchase a Lifetime Membership as a Premium gift code. When you purchase the code you’ll be charged the sale price, and you can activate the code right away (though the code does not expire). When you activate the code, it will add a Lifetime on to the end of your existing membership and you’ll have full access to our Premium features for life. 

My discount did not apply at checkout.

Sometimes the discount gets lost in navigation. If that happens, use the discount code [New Year Sale Promo Code] at checkout!

Can I Purchase a Membership for Someone Else?

Yes! You may do so here: Premium Gift Code. Instead of claiming the code, gift it!

Can I Purchase Premium Gift Codes for Students in Different Households?

Yes, though it’s a different process than simply selecting additional students when you’re placing your order. Here’s how:

  1. Start with one household and select the number of students, then click “Add to Cart.”
  2. Instead of proceeding to checkout, click on “Continue Shopping” to return to the product page.
  3. Select the number of students in that household, then click “Add to Cart” again.
  4. Repeat this process until you have items in your cart for each separate household you’re purchasing for and then click “Proceed to Checkout.”

Do you have an app?

Our site currently functions as a web app, which can be displayed and fully accessed in any mobile browser.

If I cancel, will I get refunded?

We only offer refunds within 30 days of the charge. That includes renewals. If you’ve paid for a year, you cancel your Premium 6 months later, you will continue having Premium through the time you’ve paid for (the rest of the year). Once the year is over, your account will revert back to its free settings. You have cancelled any automatic renewals.

We offer refunds for Lifetime memberships within 30 days of purchase.

I want to buy Premium, but I don’t want it to automatically renew.

There are two ways to do that!

  1. You can upgrade to Premium, then immediately cancel. When you cancel, you’ll have cancelled your auto renewal only. You’ll continue having Premium through the time you’ve paid for.
  2. You can buy a one year gift code from our Store. Be sure to fully activate your code after you purchase it!

I want to add a student to Premium, but it’s charging me for more than one student.

When you upgrade any additional student to Premium, you reset the subscription start time on all students. That means you have to pay for the additional time you’ve added on to the end of the original students who had Premium. This is to keep billing cycles manageable and predictable. Let’s say you upgraded Susie in June, then added Billy in September. You now have to pay for Susie through September. Thus the additional charge.

Do You Offer Advanced Piano Lessons, or Adult Piano Lessons?

We currently offer beginning piano lessons, and plan to continue producing more piano units all the way through advanced lessons over time. While our curriculum is focused on kids, we have heard from hundreds of teens and adults from around the world who are using and enjoying our lessons – particularly the later units as we begin to explore more unique and classical pieces.