Live One-on-one Instruction (via Zoom or FaceTime) with a Hoffman Academy Teacher!

Give your summer music learning a huge boost with a personal, professional music teacher! Here at Hoffman Academy – Portland, we’ve built a team of veteran musicians and educators, trained personally by Mr. Hoffman in the Hoffman Method. Our teachers can help students of any age or experience level bring their playing to the next level, using the nurturing and engaging teaching style we all embrace at Hoffman Academy. Together, our teachers proudly serve over 300 students in the Portland area with weekly in-person lessons. Now, we’re excited to bring remote live teaching to you!

Having an experienced teacher there to guide you each week can be one of the fastest ways to make progress. Here’s why:

A Wide Skill Set

Our instructors are well equipped to help you pursue your musical interests, whether that includes new repertoire, composing your own pieces, or learning how to improvise!

Technical Prowess

You’ll be able to work on your piano posture and technique with your new teacher, which will promote healthy piano playing in your hands and body.

Helpful Guidance

An instructor can guide you through difficult sections of songs you are working on and give you solutions tailored to you for your at-home practice.

Private Lesson Pricing

Individual Lessons

6 lessons for less
$ 60 per lesson
  • Lesson Duration - 45 minutes

7 Lessons Bundle

7 Lessons
$ 50 per lesson
  • Bundle price $350
  • Lesson Duration - 45 minutes

How will it work?

  • Sign up

    Sign up for lessons & tell us a little about the student

  • Create an Account

    Create an account in our online registration program: My Music Staff. In the My Music Staff Calendar, choose 1 - 7 lessons with one of our teachers: July 13 - September 5

  • Pick lesson time

    After you pick your lesson times, your teacher will contact you through email. They will share their video meeting platform information with you (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Facetime, etc).

  • Pay invoice

    Pay your invoice the week before your first lesson to secure your enrollment.

  • Begin lessons!

    Start your private lessons!

What equipment will I need?

  • Device with camera

    Computer or iPad with a camera (a separate webcam is required if your computer doesn’t have one built in)

  • Stand or chair

    Stand or chair for camera placement that allows the teacher a clear view of the student, their hands, and the piano.

  • Printer

  • Internet

    Internet speed of at least 1.5 Mbps http://www.speedtest.net

Parents or guardians will be encouraged to sit in, or at least come in for the last 10-15 minutes, so they can go over the practice assignment for the week.

The limited number of lesson slots might fill quickly, be sure to sign up soon!


  • Do you offer a discount for siblings?

    No, but we do offer a discounted price for any additional lessons added on to a pack of 7 lessons.

  • Can I split a lesson bundle between siblings or friends?

    In order to get the most out of lessons with an instructor, it’s important to build a consistent schedule so that both teacher and student know what to expect on lesson weeks. For this reason, we ask that lesson bundles not be split between multiple students.

  • Why don’t you offer 30-minute private lessons?

    We believe that great teaching and learning takes time, and it is simply not possible to offer a quality learning experience in such a small period of time. We want to inspire our students with a love of music, connect with our students, and truly understand them. This takes more time.

  • What age do you recommend starting lessons?

    The age at which your child is ready to begin piano lessons really depends on the child and your own judgement. However, we find that using the Hoffman Academy Methods, children can begin piano lessons successfully at age 5-6, and we offer lessons to children ages 5 and up.

  • Can I reschedule my lesson?

    During the Summer semester, each student is allowed to reschedule one lesson, as long as the student’s teacher is given one weeks notice.

  • Who will be our teacher?

    The Hoffman Academy Portland team will review each students’ sign up form and place them with a teacher for the best fit. The more you tell us, the better!