Lesson 32

Who's That?

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  • Peyton

    This is funny because I made the same tune when we did Rhythm Composition! Love it!!! 😀 <3

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      Hoffman Academy

      Whoa! That’s great! And now you have lyrics to your composition. 🙂

  • Macy Allred

    My favorite song is frog in the middle thanks for teaching me to play that song.

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m so glad you love that song! It’s one of my favorites from our early units. Keep up the great work!

  • oneil

    do you like your frog friends

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      Hoffman Academy

      Yes, very much! They’re great at helping us teach piano.


    My keyboard has about 38 keys in all. Will it work with all your lessons?

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      Hoffman Academy

      You will need to make occasional adjustments on a keyboard that size, particularly with the hand-over-hand finger power exercises, but it should still work as a starting point. Good luck and happy playing!

  • Ana

    I think that song was the hardest and the best.
    You are so AWESOME!!!

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      Hoffman Academy

      Wow, thanks! Isn’t it a great feeling when something is really hard at first, but through hard work and patience you finally master it? Keep up the great work! – Mr. Hoffman

  • pb

    new words for this song:

    I want to play the piano
    I will practice every day!


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      Hoffman Academy

      I love it! Or here’s another one:

      Who’s that playing the piano?
      Who’s that practicing today?
      P B is practicing piano.
      P B is going to be great!

      – Mr. Hoffman 🙂



  • moriah

    why is everyone so worried about the camera woman!?

    • Ikeoluwa

      Thanks for making these videos

  • moriah

    i luv the puppets! but i doubt i luv them more than my little sister does! : )

  • Christine

    That was like THE first time you got to see the camera woman.What’s up with that?

  • barb

    Joesph, I have been seeing your piano lessons.

    They are AWSOME!

    Thank you for teaching!

  • samantha

    Hey I think you didn’t do this intentially but, you covered up the camera woman taping the whole thing which I thought was really funny.

  • Dante

    You’re a good teacher! But I couldn’t help noticing someone in the reflection in the piano after 4:49.

  • Gina

    I like this lesson very much. I’m glad that you have us use the D Pentascale in our materials at home so that we get used to playing different scales with our fingers. Thank you for everything that you do. I haven’t played piano in a really long time, and this is a great way for me to refresh and get stronger with my basics.

  • Luke

    Hey whats up everyone those puppets are cute. 🙂

  • Florence

    Hello Hoffman,why would you use other languges?



  • Santhiya

    Hello sir! Your classes are wonderful. I have a doubt when we play C major which finger to be used for A B and C

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      Joseph Hoffman

      When you are playing in the C Major pentascale, you will use your 5 fingers to cover C, D, E, F, and G. You will not have any finger on A or B. Later on, when you progress to harder songs, we will move our hands around on the piano more, but for now our songs just cover the range of 5 notes at a time.