Lesson 37

Rhythm Challenge

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  • Blake

    Who is the third hand in the puppet show?

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      Hoffman Academy

      Hand? What hand? … 🙂 We have lots of different helpers, so I’m not sure who did it this particular time.

  • Usha

    I thought Dinah was easy peasy but when I tried it it was so hard and I got so mad,so I went on to the other lesson.By the way you were right about Dinah being a hard song.

    Usha’s daughter Sumi

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      Hoffman Academy

      Learning a new song can definitely be a challenge, but I hope you’ll give it another try! Putting in hard work and effort means you’re going to have a super great feeling when you finally accomplish your goal. You might want to check out our blog for tips on How to Learn a New Song. I hope that helps!

      • Usha

        Sure I’ll try it!

        Usha’s daughter,Sumi


    OMG I LUV UR LESSONS!!!!im homeschooled I cant stop with your lessons!????

  • carla

    hello mr.hoffman you are awesome

  • carla

    you did a good job on all those videos great job mr.hofman

  • carla

    helo mr.hofman

  • Christine

    I live rhythm challenge!

  • Jaden

    THANKS some times Dinah is realy confusing it is hard with ADHD

    • Danielle


      I am a piano teacher and I use Mr. Hoffman’s method.
      Dinah is definitely a challenging piece, even if you don’t have ADHD.
      Be patient and keep trying, you’ll get it! Sometimes it takes my students a month or even more to learn Dinah. Just do a little at a time.


    • jane

      no joke there I have dyslexia and it can get SO hard sometimes so long as you keep going on you will be fine