Lesson 24

Melodic Dictation: Frog in the Middle

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  • Audrey

    My mom is wanting me to learn how to read music.
    This is a great start.

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      Hoffman Academy

      We’re glad to have you learning with us!

  • alex

    does anyone here play jumpstart.com? It is really fun.

  • Jack

    Croak croak croak I am a frog

  • Isaiah

    isaiah love

  • Jack

    UghUgh the hamster!

  • Jack

    SERIOUSLY. what is that tiny yellow thing in the corner there on the staff. Picture of drum?

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      Hoffman Academy

      You are very observant. 🙂 The grand staff I’m using in this and other videos was published by MusicMindGames.com and they put that little face there to add interest and enjoyment for the students. I hope you like seeing it peek over the line at you as you play! – Mr. Hoffman

      • Jack


  • haedyn

    the funny video in the endof lessen 23 was so funny i don’t remember the rest of the funny videos i hav too catch up on piano

    • Steven

      None of his videos are humorous to me.

  • Tashu

    Why are there 2 sets of bar lines? There is a sign on 1 and c shaped signal on the below one. I probably missed a lesson. Thanks Mr. Hoffman!

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m not sure I understand your question – are you referring to the treble cleff and bass cleff symbols at the beginning of the grand staff? – Mr. Hoffman

  • Jessica

    mr Hoffman I LOVE these lessons and I LOVE the puppet Shows

  • sajkfhlasjfhkajfhsa

    i love your music lessons my kids enjoy it.

  • Haydn

    I’m learning “Joy To The World” on my keyboard Mr. Hoffman!
    And also me and my family are planing a trip to Portland could I come meet you?

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Hoffman Academy

      I’m very impressed, Haydn! It’s great that you’re starting now on “Joy to the World” to give you plenty of time to perfect it before the holidays. We welcome visitors to our Hoffman Academy in Portland. If your parents check out our studio’s website at http://www.hoffmanacademy.com/portland, they can find the address and contact information. It would be a good idea for them to call first to find a good time to stop by. – Mr. Hoffman

  • sarah

    Mr hoffman, what happened to the finger puppets. It was very funn PLEASE BRING BACK. Thanks

    • Anoymous

      They are going to come at unit 4

    • Steven

      I am perfectly okay without the puppets.

  • Julio Alberto Rey Ramírez

    Thank you so much for this free lessons, you are an amazing person, i’m glad with all the love and patient that you have for doing this. I learned to play piano just by ear, learned a couple of songs by ear but i had no idea what i was doing, i’ve watched 23 lessons since yesterday night and i just can´t stop! Thank you so mucho 🙂

    • anya

      I learned a couple songs by ear but it is hard i REALLY apreciate these lessons Mr. Hoffman. thanks:)

  • Erin

    Mr Hoffman,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these lessons! I am almost ten and I can play Frog In The Middle With Chords!
    I pretty much fell off my chair with laughing with the finger puppets! Do u have any tips for when u have to use a chair not a proper piano bench?

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Joseph Hoffman

      I am so happy that you are enjoying my lessons! 🙂 If you must use a chair, you will probably be too low to have great piano posture. Your want your forearms to be parallel to the floor when you have your fingers on the keys. Often, if you use a chair, this means you’ll need to boost yourself up by laying some folded towels on top of your chair seat, or use a sturdy cushion or pillow. Problem with a pillow is sometimes they are too squishy and make you feel unstable. But find something that works for you. I hope this helps!


    guys does anyone here play minecraft?

    • Luke

      I definitely love Minecraft, and started learning the Dry Hands and Wet hands songs as soon as I bought my piano. I watched the “Synthesia” videos to learn them, but couldn’t understand the sheet music. I’m glad I found the Hoffman Academy because without it, I might not have ever learned how to read sheet music.


        OK Luke can you tell me what your minecraft user name is?

    • Lucas

      My brother plays Minecraft.


        OK Lucas



    I’m weird…. yay

  • Shawn

    Hi I am jake I am only 8 years old. Your lessons are helping me get better at playing the piano. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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      Joseph Hoffman

      Hi Jake, You are welcome! I’m glad you are finding my lessons helpful! Your friend, Mr. Hoffman

  • Florence

    Mr Hoffman

    is there a other easy way to learn the SO MI RE DO by heart

  • Lianna

    Mr.Hoffman can add an extra lesson that teaches the song ‘all of me’ please?
    Please reply Mr.Hoffman !!!!!!!!

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Joseph Hoffman

      That’s a great idea! However, right now I am focusing on lessons for the beginner level, and that song is much more advanced. If you’d like to check out the sheet music, you can look for Jon Schmidt’s website online. Good luck!

      • Lianna

        Thank you anyway!

  • O'Shea

    Hello Mr. Hoffman! It’s me, O’shea’s sis. and I was going to tell you that I’ve got something for you to play on the piano! Use your fingers, 5, 3, and 1. and you can use a base like using 5 3 and 1 all together on the next CDEFG that’s right below. ok here’s the pattern.
    5 3 1 5 3 1 1 3 5 1 3 5 and repeat this pattern in the next. 2 4 6 2 4 6 6 4 2 6 4 2. Hope you like this! Please Reply me and my brother back, please please please please please! hahah!
    Your greatest fan, O’shea’s sister.

  • O'Shea

    Hello! It’s me, O’shea and my sis wants to talk to you, again.
    Hi Joseph Hoffman! I’ve been doing more great and great every time I do your lessons over and over in my head. While I was remembering, I noticed that what happened to the finger puppets? I was very sad when I noticed that you don’t do those anymore. Can you reply back to me and my brother? Soon, I will ask more questions and tell you how I’ve been doing with the lessons. One more question, how would you react if I was as good as you one day? 😕
    Yours, O’shea sister.


      Hi O’Shea’s sister i can answer you about the finger puppets. they only have made appearances on lessons 1-10 mostly. I hope they will be on all the lessons soon 🙂

  • Linda

    Easy to understand and maintain

  • Emerson

    Great lesson :23


    I love this lesson