Lesson 55

Grinding Corn: Left Hand

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      A few of our lessons missed out on visits from the puppets, but they’ll be back soon!

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    Danish saleem

    Thanks sir Hoffman for giving us the music learning in so simple manner, that by watching 1 video, we just learn the whole song.

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    Hi Mr Hoffman,

    Thanks as always to your excellent videos. I have a question about the whole rests in this piece. I’ve always learned a whole rest is 4 beats of rest. Just like a whole note is 4 beats. This piece is in 2/4 so there is only two beats per measure. Shouldn’t it be half rests?

    Also, My son and I found this piece to be much easier to learn than cuckoo. He was playing it with both hands after watching just the first video. Should they maybe have come in reverse order? I’m curious if you have any reason to have them in the order they are now.


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      Hoffman Academy

      Great question! Whole rests are a bit of an anomaly in music. They can mean 4 beats in some contexts, but they can also mean 1 entire measure, regardless of how many beats are in the measure, whether you are in 2/4, 3/4, etc. You just have to use context to figure out how a whole rest is being used in any certain circumstance.

      It’s not uncommon for students to find some songs easier than others, even when they are considered about equal (or reversed) in difficulty. It has to do with many things – the child’s natural interest and aptitude, the way the songs are taught, the fact that some students learn better visually vs. aurally or vice versa, etc. In fact, it’s quite possible that *because* your son worked so hard on Cuckoo, learning to play Granding Corn in the same key signature felt easier! In any case, while my lessons generally build on one another, many adjacent lessons or topics could easily be reversed.

      I hope that helps! Good luck and happy playing. – Mr. Hoffman

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    Thanks to you now i’m here in lesson 55 so glad đŸ™‚ my dear Mr.Hoffman the best piano learner in the world .