Lesson 52

Cuckoo: Hands Together, Part 2

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  • cj

    Where is my comment ! 🙁

  • Daniel

    I reely like your songs

  • Sergiu

    Hello Mr. Hoffman. I noticed on this song something about how you play it and it’s not like on the sheet… on one note. It’s the second note on the right hand (the a). On the grand stand is one beat… then pause, you play it for two beats. It sounds better the way you play it, should i make a correction and play it the way you do? I enjoy very much your lessons even that i’m not a kid. I’m 40 and decided to learn piano. Thank you for your effort

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      Hoffman Academy

      I’m very sorry, but I don’t quite understand your question. The second note in the right hand of the sheet music is a G; were you perhaps talking about the A in the left hand? Could you possibly give me a timestamp for where the error happens? I look forward to helping you!

      • Sergiu

        On the right hand, at the beginning of lines 1 and 3 ( cuckoo, cuckoo …) on the sheet it’s ” C – A – pause, C – A – pause “, and you are playing the A for two beats (or so i noticed, i might be wrong) and it sounds nice. It’s no big deal, it sounds nice whatever, it was just something i noticed and raised a small question 🙂 Thank you again for the effort you put in these lessons, i enjoy them alot, are so professional made.

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          Hoffman Academy

          You’re welcome and I am so glad you are enjoying them! I think what you might be hearing at the beginning of lines 1 and 3 is the left hand playing C while the right hand rests. You are correct that the right hand is playing C-A-pause, while at the same time the left hand is playing F for two beats then C, so that the left hand’s C note is played during the right hand’s rest. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions. Good luck and happy playing!

  • Brooke Joppich

    Hi Mr Hoffman,
    This is certainly my favourite song so far.
    I’m finding it a little bit challenging in Cuckoo part two. I’m sure I will soon master it!

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Hoffman Academy

      That’s a great attitude. Good luck and happy playing!

  • Eliana

    I am 7 years old. I am struggling with Cuckoo -Hands together. I am still going to practice.
    I LOVE your lessons! Thank you for them.

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Hoffman Academy

      Putting hands together on a song can certainly be challenging. I’m very proud of you for sticking with it, and I’m happy to be your piano teacher! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Eric Heo

      Do you like it that much too? I practice everyday!!!

  • carla

    Hello Mr.Hoffman i am 9 years old and you have the best piano songs EVER!

  • hung

    this is complex

  • Shasta

    Hi,thank you for your amazing lessons ,just one little thing Mr Hoffman,in this video at 5:35 while practicing contrary motions ,you are saying stepping “up and down” instead of “out and in”,But i really want to thank you for your amazing method !you are a tremendous mentor

  • Eric Showalter

    Thank you so much for these lessons. I am almost 9 and my favorite part of school is piano lessons with Joseph Hoffman. =) Thank you for making these lessons affordable! We want to get the sheet music real soon. I also want to send a video of me playing sometime. Thanks again!

  • Laura

    Dear Mr. Hoffman,
    I love your lessons! They are so much fun! Cuckoo is my favorite song so far. It sounds beautiful!

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Joseph Hoffman

      Glad you like Cuckoo! Thanks so much for watching and learning with me! Happy playing, Mr. Hoffman

      • Marcelo Esteban Mauricio

        How can I get what you call “the practice album” on CD shipped to Argentina? And what are the accompaniment notes for this song? I know you taught us what the right and left hand were going to do, but you never taught us what the accompaniment is doing before, during and after the three clicks.

        • Hoffman Academy logo
          Hoffman Academy

          I’m afraid we don’t publish physical CDs of our practice album and listening album. We sell the digital files as part of the downloadable learning materials available in our store; the materials for Unit 3 include the accompaniment track for Cuckoo. Lesson 52 is still at a beginner level, so the student is not expected to learn the accompaniment to Cuckoo (which is more advanced). Playing along to the backing track is a great practice exercise, but it’s optional. I hope that makes sense. Good luck and happy playing!

  • richard

    Cukoo is really hard, I need help I also like the lessons. My kids are learning so much. Keep up the good work.

  • Daniel

    I’ve learned it, Mr. Hoffman. I can play Cuckoo with both hands now. I’m really happy about that and I practice a lot. I use your practice chart, too. It helps a lot. Thank you.

  • Petra

    Thank you for these great lessons! I have always wanted to play piano but never got to as a child. I started last year at 47 years old on my daughters’ Electric keyboard and progressed enough with your lessons that I got the baby grand I have always wanted! Love the way you teach. I started with an “adult piano class” but didn’t like that I wasn’t really learning any music theory, then I found your website and even though you are geared toward kids… I’ve learned a lot !! Thanks so much. I’ m almost to the end of your current lessons, can’t wait for the next ones. Thank you, Joseph for helping a lifelong dream come true!! 🙂

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Joseph Hoffman

      I am so happy that my lessons have been helpful in reaching your dream to become a piano player. Unit 4 will be released on May 31. Keep me posted about your progress, and happy playing! -Joseph

  • Aprial

    Can’t wait I’m learning so much

  • Mehul

    Love your style of teaching. You make it really easy for kids to learn bit by bit. I am teaching my son and we are at lesson 50. I am in Australia and I wish we could even continue learning/ practicing under you guidance even after lesson 60. Thank you for making it so easy and also financially affordable. If we get chance will surly visit you to thank you personally. Mehul

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Joseph Hoffman

      Thank you for your kind words. I am currently working on Unit 4 with 20 more lessons, and more will follow after that, too! It would be awesome to meet in person someday. Please continue to enjoy the lessons with me! Regards, Joseph Hoffman