LESSON 43 Silver Birch Tree

What you'll learn

4/4 time signature
Review finger numbers
Play Silver Birch Tree while looking at the notes on the Grand Staff


Silver birch alone in the meadow,
Standing all alone in the meadow,
Soon a shepherd boy comes walking,
With his sheep and goats he's walking.

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41 Responses

  1. My daughter wants to request more silly endings to the videos. She is missing the silly parts from the other lessons. . . They are awesome!

    • I’m glad she enjoys them! :) Sorry that some of our videos didn’t get a visit from the puppets. They’ll be back soon, though!

  2. From the first day I went to your website, I listen to your song
    samples and silver birch tree was my favourite! I always wanted to learn how to play it afterthat!

    • Yes, as the lessons progress we’ll incorporate more chords and more challenging pieces. I hope you’re up for the challenge!

    • I’m impressed that you are paying attention to the feeling of the music. It feels sad because it’s in a minor key – the key of D Minor, to be precise. Playing in a minor key tends to give music a sad, ominous, or even spooky sound. You can try this yourself by playing a song you know well in a major key but always lower the third note, Mi, a half step. For instance, if you want to play Chocolate in a minor key, place your fingers in the C Major pentascale position (C D E F G), then lower the third note by a half step (C D E-flat F G) to C Minor position. Now, if you play Chocolate in that position, it will sound a little mysterious. Choosing between major and minor keys is one more tool composers can use to shape and flavor their music to tell the story or paint the picture they want to share.

  3. Dear Mr. Hoffman,
    I loved the way you played the advanced version of Silver Birch Tree. May I have a copy please?

    Your dedicated student,


  4. This was a great lesson Mr. Hoffman it was a little tricky for me to remember this but I got it on my like 20th try thanks again Mr. Hoffman

    • I don’t have a lesson for it, as our Units aren’t that advanced yet, but I do have the sheet music. Would you like a copy? – Mr. Hoffman

    • I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question. Could you give me a little more information? I’m happy to help. – Mr. Hoffman

  5. Mr. Hoffman,
    I have a request. Will you please put a lesson on here for “Jesus Loves Me?” I hope to one day play at my Church. I have the sheet music for “Jesus Loves Me” but the problem is I am not good at playing the Bass Clef and the Treble Clef with both hands. It would help immensely if you put a “Jesus Loves Me” lesson on here. I like the way you teach, thank you, Mr. Hoffman.
    your pupil

  6. in lesson 11 we made up songs and mine is super hard to write music for. I already tried to write music but it didn’t work out. please help me!

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