LESSON 59 Love Somebody

What you'll learn

How to play Love Somebody using the right hand
Review of the E Major Pentascale, sixteenth notes


Love somebody yes I do,
Love somebody yes I do,
Love somebody yes I do,
Love somebody but I won't say who!

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    • Do you mean that they use the same notes, but one line goes up and the other goes down? If so, that’s right! Great observation.

  1. You know, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this class but i also have a question ,Do i have to play all the songs i have learned so far? I mean, every time I practice?

    • That’s a great question. Once you’ve learned more than a handful of songs, it can take up all your practice time to review every single one! Instead, make it a habit to review several songs from your most recent unit at each practice time, rotating them as needed. As you progress, it’s ok to drop off your practice of your earliest songs, reviewing them only occasionally. Later this year, we plan to launch a new, subscription-based program that will include personalized practice instructions to help with these sorts of questions! In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy my lessons! – Mr. Hoffman

  2. April is gone and May there is no release why ? sir i want more teaching on note reading and they way it is implicated in piano playing ,another thing it is the why the concept is used and the importance of it is not explained you gave it as it is and i really like music and i want to learn i do not have that kind of money to get to a music school and i am too old but i really want yo learn so if you can give us more lesson about reading and playing the piano your way of teaching is what get me started on something i have wanted for so long so

  3. In the next level I would be ready. I have been working on piano lessons 3months and quarter. That I gave up but I’m working!

  4. Keep up the good work Mr. Hoffman also when are new episodes coming my friends and I are waiting for them. I can play every song you have thought us so far! Stay Awesome, Vini

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