LESSON 42 Listen for Bells: Adding Chords

What you'll learn

Review D major pentascale with F#
Sing Listen for Bells while your left hand plays two-note chords
Play Listen for Bells while your left hand plays two-note chords

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    • When we launch Hoffman Academy 2.0 in the new year, we will have a new series of Online Interactive Learning Games that you can find right here on our website! These games will turn drills into fun, interactive learning challenges. Hope you will try them out when they are available!

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    • Do you mean, where was this video filmed? This is one of our older lessons filmed in a smaller studio room, still at our Hoffman Academy – Portland location.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We plan what songs to use in our lessons pretty far out in advance, but I’ve added that piece to our requested songs for the future. Good luck and happy playing!

    • That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my lessons. Good luck and happy playing! – Mr. Hoffman

  3. Hi I’m Alani and I’m 9 and I love wild horses it’s my favorite song I’ve learned, thank you for the lessens.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful progress! I am very happy to be your piano teacher and wish you all the best as you continue with our lessons. If you would like to have your video posted with others from my online students, please submit it to our Recital Hall at this link: http://www.hoffmanacademy.com/recital-hall. Good luck and happy playing! – Mr. Hoffman

    • Good question. You can certainly try a three-note-chord in this song; adding the F# will sound a little different, but in this song it will still fit. Three-note-chords take a little more strength and finger independence, so don’t worry if it feels tricky at first. – Mr. Hoffman

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