LESSON 54 Grinding Corn

What you'll learn

How to play the melody of Grinding Corn
Review the F Major Pentascale
How to find low LA in F Major


Grinding corn, grinding corn
Here we are, grinding corn.
Grains of red and yellow,
Blue and white corn we are grinding.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Hoffman, I noticed the downloaded bundle doesn’t have practice CDs for “grinding corn” and “love somebody” in your download, instead there are only listening CDs for these songs. Is this intended?

    • That’s a great question! As students get more advanced in their playing, I like to have them gain experience playing purely by themselves, without accompaniment. Playing with an accompaniment is a great way to help a student learn to feel and stick with a steady beat. But I also want them to have the chance to develop the skill of keeping a steady beat without any outside help at all. In most units going forward, there will continue to be some pieces or songs that don’t have an accompanying Practice Track. I hope this helps! Thanks for learning with me! – Mr. Hoffman

  2. Dear Mr. Hoffman

    I have actually seen some types of corn that are not completely yellow.
    There is a type that has some greyish colored kernels.

    Emman ????

  3. Hello Mr. Hoffman,
    I have a question…. Should the whole rest in measure 5, 6, 7, and 8 be half rest since the time signature is 2/4, two beats in each measure? Instead of the upside down hats, should it be the right side up hats? Thanks! – Winnie

    • Great question! Whole rests are a bit of an anomaly in music. They can mean 4 beats in some contexts, but they can also mean 1 entire measure, regardless of how many beats are in the measure, whether you are in 2/4, 3/4, etc. You just have to use context to figure out how a whole rest is being used in any certain circumstance. I hope that makes sense. Good luck and happy playing!

  4. Dear sir,
    I’m 23.I’d like to play piano, but I don’t have enough money to join to a music class.so I don’t know how to start, after I listen & practice your lesson on my friend’s piano…:-
    now I can play this song too…using my both hands.
    I’m very glad to you sir.
    If you didn’t do this I could never play a piano.

    Thanks you very much.

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