LESSON 56 Grinding Corn: Hands Together

What you'll learn

How to play Grinding Corn Hands Together
Review of F Major Pentascale, B-flat

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  1. Hello Mr. Hoffman,
    will we ever learn how to play the intros for “Silver Birch Tree” and “Dinah”? The intros are so beautiful, I would love to learn them eventually!
    Thanks for being a great teacher, Moriah

    • Great question! I would definitely consider making a bonus lesson on that but I have no specific plans yet. – Mr. Hoffman

      • Oh, ok! That would be awesome! I love ALL of your lessons, you are a awesome teacher! Thanks so much for everything! I look forward to doing your lessons every day. :)

  2. Hi, Mr. Hoffman!
    My name is Laura and I love playing the piano with you!
    For Grinding Corn, I improvised a little. At ‘Grains of red and yellow’ and ‘blue and white corn we are’, I play fingers 5 and 1 together and hold it for 2 beats. Then I keep finger 5 down and move finger 1 over to D.

    Hope you like it!


  3. I like your explanations.
    In this lesson you said MI RE DO while playing F E D, but in french MI RE DO mean C B A.

    • Hello Michel ou should I say bonjour ?
      The solfa pattern do, ré, mi,… changes whereas the notes A, B, C,… on the keyboard don’t. Just have a look at the early lessons in unit 1 you will understand.
      Yours sincerely,

      • Hello again Michel,
        Be careful ! A is la !
        So, C is do, D is ré, E is mi, F is fa (that’s an easy one to remember), G is sol, A is la and B is si.
        Bye !

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