LESSON 41 Dotted Half Notes, Barlines & Measures

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Dotted half note
Time signature

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  1. Mr.Hoffman, I’ve noticed on music sheets that there is a mf and mp in the begging or middle. So I’m hoping that you can make a lesson about mp and mf please.

    Your friend
    (p.s. I’ve also notice some barlines on a music sheet)

  2. ive been wanting to read sheet music for some time now. finally I understand what the time signature is called lol. thank you so much mr. hoffman

  3. Hello Mr. Hoffman,
    I’ve gone through with lessons 1 to 39 in a short span of time. Really, I have this enthusiasm in learning piano your teaching style. I have been to four (4) piano schools and usually i am discouraged after 3 months of continuous attendance in each school because i feel their methodology is not appropriate. Until now, i don’t know the basics of piano so therefore I can’t read a musical piece on my own although I can play familiar songs and memorize them. Since I am interested in learning so I can play for our church, I tried to search from the web on piano courses and that’s how I found your website. Its only now that I got to learn about the basics and other new things. Hopefully, I can play the church songs for our choir very soon. Thank you so much Mr. Hoffman. I really appreciate your teaching me and the rest of the piano enthusiasts out there. God bless you!

  4. Hello Mr Hoffman,
    I’ve got a question: the time measure for Mouse in the House and the Wild Horses is 2/4, isn’t it? I think I can hear you stressing some words while you are singing but I’m not sure.
    Can you help me, please.
    Thank you for reading.

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