LESSON 49 Bass Clef Notes: FGABC

What you'll learn

Review guide notes Middle C and Bass F
Learn G, A and B between Middle C and Bass F
Review ledger lines

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  1. Hy Mr. Hoffman,
    My brothers and I like to watch your puppet shows and I really like the “Chocolate” puppet show.
    We wish you did puppet shows in Unit 3.

    • I’m so glad you enjoy our puppets! I apologize that some lessons are missing funny endings – we’re working to fix that. In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know that once you get to Unit 4, all the videos will have special endings from there on!

    • I agree! I sound a little sleepy when you slow the video down, but it gets a little crazy when you speed it way up! I hope that our normal speed is the best pace for learning, though. :)

  2. This is so easy for me. I know how to play all sorts of song and lyricists to
    the songs I learned from you and some. I learned some by myself like Mary had
    a little lamb and all that stuff.

    • That’s great! I’m glad you’re taking time to review, even if it feels easy right now. Mastering the basics is a great way to strengthen your musical foundation, and better prepares you for more challenging lessons in the future. Good luck and happy playing!

  3. Hello Mr. Hoffman,

    I just finished this lesson and enjoyed the note guessing games! I got them all correct.

    Sylvester D’Silva

  4. Hello Mr. Hoffman,
    my daughter Isabella (11years) is very interested in your lessons. So I did a fast look to all if your lessons and I saw, that the first lesson I can see in HD quality an then only in max. 480 points.??????
    Thank you for an answer!

    • When we first started making video lessons six years ago, they were very low-quality recordings using a tiny hand-held flip camera. Over the years, we have gradually upgraded our earliest lessons to match the HD quality of the lessons from Unit 4 onward. However, we’re not quite done upgrading, so there are several lessons left in the lower quality. I apologize for that, but encourage you to persevere – our later units are all HD quality with lots of fun puppet endings. I hope that helps! :)

    • Sorry to hear that! For now, just practice with your right hand, and when your left is feeling better, you can get caught up! I hope your arm gets better soon. Happy playing! Mr. Hoffman

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