LESSON 25 Rhythm Improvisation

What you'll learn

Review quarter and eighth notes, ta and ti-ti
Review quarter rests
Learn to improvise a song using these rhythms

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    • This lesson practices a few things: improvisation (making up your own rhythm or melody), composition (formulating your improvisation into a distinct pattern or song), and dictating (writing down what you are hearing or creating, or arranging symbols to represent it). To be a truly well-rounded musician, I want to teach you how to create and understand music for yourself and develop confidence in trying new things. I hope that helps!

  1. I kind of enjoy your lessons.
    They are pretty fun
    I like how you teach kind of nice Mr.Hoffman.
    I also like the suprises for kids at the end of some lessons!
    Thank you
    – Sannidhi

    • No problem! If you have a smart phone or tablet, there are several metronome apps available (many of them for free). You can also find physical metronomes at music stores or online stores like Amazon. For a beginner, you don’t need to spend a great deal of money on something fancy; you should be able to find a simple one for under $20. I hope that helps. Good luck and happy playing!

  2. Thank you for all of the lessons! I’m learning piano very quick! Plus I’m always improvising on the piano and thank you again

    • I would say yes – I hope I understand your question correctly. From chants of centuries ago to rap and stomp in our day, there has been a variety of music music based on just rhythm. I hope you enjoy improvising new rhythm songs! – Mr. Hoffman

  3. I have completed all your 100 lessons in order, so I am wondering if I have to wait on you or do I have to start reviewing everything I learned since I have already reviewed your lessons like 20 times. And I am waiting for you to make more lessons because my older brother said that you are the best musician or musical teacher we know. And one more thing. I think I told you in another comment to start increasing the amount of time you use to make the puppet shows. Since the puppet shows are really funny. They make everyone laugh. So I am wondering also are you going to make anymore curriculum because that way more people could learn from your attention-ed Academy. But I want to tell you one more special comment. How long does it take to reply to a comment. Because if it does take a long time to reply to our comments that we ask you about, then how are we going to know the answer to the question. And why is theme so important. Because in every lesson you teach these 3 important musical things. Theme finger power and strength ear training and also sight reading which I am having trouble with. Could you help me or make a lesson that is for that. And that is all I have for you in this long comment.Bye and see you in my next long big comment!

    • Wow – that’s a lot of questions! Yes, we are working on more lessons; Unit 6 should be available by the end of the month. I’m glad you enjoy the finger puppet bits – we like making them. There’s a longer one up on YouTube that you can check out: Sixteenth Notes vs Half Note. When we have sales on our website, and at the beginning or ending semesters at our Portland academy, things get really busy and it can be hard to respond to comments right away. In general, we try to reply within two business days. For sight-reading, as with improvising, the best way to improve is to practice. You can check out websites like gmajormusictheory.org to find free sheet music for new songs to try every day. I hope that helps! – Mr. Hoffman

  4. I am a very good pianist but I am wondering if you can teach me more improvisation so that I can become a better composer to make more songs and publish them when I am a tall adult.Bye!

    • I’m glad you have a lot of confidence in your piano skills! We’ll have more improvisation lessons and practice sessions in future lessons, so I hope you press forward and enjoy them. – Mr. Hoffman

  5. I want to thank you Joseph Hoffman for all the teaching you have established. I really like the fact that you want to make sure that everyone who goes to your Academy or who that learns for it, that they understand what you have learnt so that they can become a master to encourage other people to go to Hoffman academy. Way to go Joseph Hoffman. You have made me and my siblings very very impressed with all the kinds of teaching you have supported. Awesome!

  6. I created a rhythm/composing on C major pentascale with a chord.
    It’s going like that (t= ta, tt=ti-ti, T – a chord comes with the melody):
    Tt tt T t – Tt tt Tt t
    [Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, So – So, Fa, Mi, Re, Mi, Re, Do]
    and whenever you see a “T” do a chord built from Do & So with your left hand..

    I’d really like you people and Mr. Hoffman to rate my “creation” and give me enlightenments and remarks :) :)

  7. will you ever teach us to create a song using the grand staff? cuz’ if you only have the notes, and someone else wants to play your song, they won’t know where on the piano to play it.

    P.S. I love your lessons!

  8. THANK YOU!!!! We love the lessons! Every day we get better. Now we know how to play lots of songs. We miss your puppet shows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. u rock Mr Hoffman u have been such a help to my daughter she has wanted to play the piano for ages :D ! and since she started piano on your web last month she is already rely good at the piano she knows where all the letters are she knows finger numbers she knows tons of songs :) . she plays one for me each night and she even dose all the games u have tough her and she loves to do chords with her songs !!!! we own you big thanks. thank you for being such a great piano teacher. :)

  10. Hi Mr. Hoffman, I am in the middle of Unit 2. I am wondering whether it is a good idea to practice Beyer or Thompson’s piano exercises at this stage? Thanks

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