LESSON 31 Rhythm Dictation: Who's That?

What you'll learn

New rhythm: Half note
Dictate 'Who's That?' using half, quarter, and eighth notes

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  1. That ending was so funny!thanks for teaching me how to play the piano.(I like two of everything also like the 2 beat note)

  2. Hi,MR Hoffman this is Samantha I love your shows especilly the puppets at the end I’m doing great with my piano posture not so great with my spelling though. I want to be a piaonist when I grow up.

  3. this kinda isn’t any of my beeswax,but do you have any daughters? p.s. my little sister LOVES the puppets.
    p.p.s. do you make mr. frog’s voice? are you a ventriloquist?

    • Nope – just wonderful, rambunctious boys. We do have lots of nieces, though, and we love having them visit. p.s. Mr. Frog croaks all on his own. :) – Mr. Hoffman

  4. hi Mr Hoffman about the piano postureyou know how you said that if your feet do not touch the ground you should use a straw or text book while the store at my house

  5. Hi! My Daughter is loving your teaching method. So much so, she is sneaking a little play before she goes off to school.
    I’m happy we have found sometging we can both enjoy. Every time she masters a new song (who’s that?) she will video it and plays it back. It gives her bundles of confidence.
    Thank you

  6. how much is the piano cause I want to be a singer ,songwriter ,actress ,model , musician , and dancer, etc and my family are poor an don’t have money to buy a piano. so how much are them.

    • Finding a piano that works on a tight budget can be difficult, but there are lots of reasonably priced options out there. Let me refer you to an article on our blog that gives specific recommendations: Choosing a Piano or Keyboard for the Beginning Student. If even the lowest-priced keyboards are unattainable for your family at this time, you might want to ask around about practicing at a friend’s or relative’s home or at a local church or library. – Mr. Hoffman

  7. Hi Hoffman. it’s o’shea’s sis Jojo. I wanted to say I love this lesson. Well, that’s all I got to say, sorry. but at least I can tell you that I love this lesson. I’m doing great with my piano posture.

    Your biggest fan, Jojo.

    • Hi Jojo, glad to hear that you liked the lesson and that’s awesome about your piano posture! You’re about half way through all the lessons now–keep up the good work! -Mr. Hoffman

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