LESSON 24 Chords in C

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Hand crossing with precise rhythm
Chord review

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  1. Love your lessons, Mr. Hoffman! That thing at the end made me laugh really hard! Keep it up! Can’t wait to learn more in the future.

  2. Hello Mr. Hoffman. I have a digital piano. And it also has a Metronome. But I do not know how to adjust to slower or faster speeds. Would you now how to adjust it?

    • I’m afraid that different models of digital pianos have different ways of managing their features, so I won’t be able to help you there. I recommend you take a look at the owner’s manual for your piano for metronome instructions. If you don’t know where your manual is, you can find the model number on your piano and look up the manual online; many of them are posted in PDF form for free. I hope that helps! – Mr. Hoffman

  3. Do you have any tips on how to learn a song by ear? I got inspired to learn piano by listening to the Japanese band clammbon (I suggest looking them up on YouTube, they’re very talented), but can’t find music sheets for any of their songs, and I’d love to be able to play their stuff.

    • Learning to play by ear is a developmental process, like learning a language. First, you learn the letters or notes and what they sound like. Then you explore the relationships or intervals between them and how they sound together. Then you practice putting them in order and figuring out how to pronounce or play them together and eventually how to translate what you hear into written words or music. Eventually, all these steps become second nature and you develop the ability to repeat or even create the words and music you want to share. Some pick it up much faster than others, but for almost everyone it will take time and practice.

      The best tip I can give is to spend time every day training your ears. Really listen to how melodies fit together. As you’re driving or shopping and hearing music around you, try to identify repeating, stepping, or skipping notes. Review our lessons on Melodic Dictation (23, 57, 74, etc.) and try dictating the melodies of songs you are familiar with. You may want to start with something simpler than Clammbon and other pop music because many contemporary artists incorporate mixy speak-singing and scooping that can be tricky to dictate.

      Training your ears and eventually fingers to replicate what you hear is a challenging skill, so don’t lose hope if it doesn’t come right away. Over years of attention and practice, you can develop fluency if you persevere! Good luck and happy playing – Mr. Hoffman

  4. Dear Mr. Hoffman,

    I really enjoyed this lesson. Thank you!

    I left a comment with a qeustion before and I have yet to recive an answer although I realize you are very busy. I’ll post it in this comment as well:

    I have a non-weighted keyboard and when I get the chance to play a real piano I often miss keys because of the way I don’t have to press down so hard on my keyboard. This really is annoying!! Any advice???

    Thanks so much for your lessons I really appreciate your love for music! I hope to attend your academy one day!!


  5. Thanks for teaching me piano lessons I had to skip a few lessons cause I used to take piano lessons and some of them were too easy.But I still like to learn from you!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. Mr. Hoffman,

    My son (Justin) and I are really enjoying your piano lesson. Justin will be 5 year old this coming Thursday. Every day he comes to piano when you start to play piano (at the beginning of each lesson). He loves to watch “Piano Street” which he has been watched many many times. Today he was trying to talk to you when he was watching your lesson of Frog in the Middle. He said “Mr. Hoffman, can you hear me? I would like to talk to you…” :-)

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you. What a great piano learning resource you have created ! You have made such a great and fun learing experience available for all kids! All lessons are interesting and constructive which are very important in terms of learning. And they are all free!!. Thank you so much, Mr. Hoffman!

    Best regards
    Juan Xie

    • Hi Juan, Thank you so much for your kind message. It makes me so happy to hear that my lessons are appreciated by your son. Please tell him that Mr. Hoffman says “hello” to him and that I am very glad to be his piano teacher. Warm regards, Joseph Hoffman

  7. Mr. Hoffman, I have a question, this is O’shea’s sis by the way.
    What happened to the finger puppets? It makes more sense to put them in your videos. The young children love the puppets, that’s the reason. Anyway, Can you tell me why? I’d appreciate it!
    Your biggest fan, O’shea sis, Josephine.

  8. Hi Joseph Hoffman! It’s… er….. O’shea! and my sis wants to talk to you again… lol.
    Hi Hoffman! It’s O’shea’s sis. I REALLY LOVE THIS LESSON! and I also like all the rest! It’s very exciting and cool to know all these piano lessons! I may not get all the finger movements right… but i’ll get it one day! By the way, can you please reply back to me and my brother? It would be really nice if you could… And, also, you don’t have to reply back right away, you can do it when you don’t have any, er, thing to do… Okay?
    Yours, truly, O’shea’s sis.

  9. Mr. Hoffman I have A Question
    I know notes and rhythm its just that i need more practice on the sheet music can you help ?

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