LESSON 32 CDEFG on the Grand Staff

What you'll learn

Review the guide notes Middle C and Treble G on the Grand Staff
Locate D, E and F between the guide notes on the Grand Staff

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  1. Hi mr. Hoffman ! My name is Vanessa and I’m 9 . My dad loves your free program for kids and I have a suggestion of what you could do for a extra lesson or just a regular lesson for kids like me to remember the notes on the staff. You could explaine that all the space notes spells f-a-c-e and the lines notes stands for every good boy deserve’s fudge/fun. I love your lessons and hope you continue to teach me and other kids to play the piano! ????

    • That’s a fun little memory trick – I’m glad you’ve found it useful! I’ll have to remember that for the future…

  2. To Mr. Hoffman,
    we love your lessons. My mom says they are a great online
    program,and she even watched a lesson and learned some
    piano. I think that they are cool,but hard. How do you learn
    these songs? Some of them look so hard.

    • Elle,

      I’m glad you and your mom are interested in our lessons. Learning piano takes patience and practice, but our lessons can teach even an absolute beginner, really! Persistence is the key: practicing even a small amount every day will help you more than trying to do hours of work every once in a while. We start with simpler songs and work our way up to more challenging ones over time, so if it seems too difficult, it would be good to back up and spend more time on earlier lessons to master the basics before moving on.

      Good luck and happy playing!
      Mr. Hoffman

  3. hi mr. hoffman im meadow i love your lessons i always do your academy mr. hoffman i just love you mr. hoffman from meadow to mr.hoffman and im 7.

  4. How could F be a step above E while you said once between E and F is just a half step? How could a half step be written on the grand staff?

    • Hi Tan! Great question! The lines and spaces of the staff correspond to the WHITE keys of the piano–one line or space for each white key–regardless of whether the distance between the 2 white keys a half step or a whole step. So, when you go from E to F on the piano (which technically IS a half-step), on the staff it will appear to go up a “step”. Interestingly, staff notation does not differentiate between half-steps and whole steps. E to F (half step) looks the same as G to A (a whole step). I hope this helps!

  5. Hello Mr Hoffman , I enjoy a lot watching and learning from you , this lessons has a lot of information but I have a question , If I’m going to play a song on the piano how would I know which pentascale is used ? Thank you very much for answering :)

  6. Mr. Hoffman. I thought this lesson was really fun. Thank you. I especially like the magic color changing notes.


  7. Hello Mr. Hoffman, it’s Jojo again! I learned a lot from this lesson! And I’m actually doing better on my piano posture. I really love your lessons and maybe i’ll be as good as you one day! I’ll keep up the good work!
    – Jojo B

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