LESSON 40 Adding Chords to Wild Horses

What you'll learn

New term: barline
How to add chords in the left hand while playing the melody in the right hand

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  1. Hi Mr Hoffman. I love this song, both music and lyrics. I perceive sounds that remind me of Irish melodies. In Celtic music we find very similar sounds. Sometimes also accents and rhythm of medieval music. Am I right ? Is the composer somebody famous ? I found nothing on Internet. In any case it is very stimulating and not too difficult to play.
    I also like the intro you wrote, I guess. We hear the horses running and stamping. It is probably a little too advanced to learn at this stage but I’d like it !
    Congratulations to your sister for the nice drawing.

  2. How come there was no puppets .me and my six brothers and sisters are the puppets on vacation ? I’m not a big fan of piano but you go nice and slow and I like that.I am moving on to unit three so good bye to this one

    • Even puppets need vacation sometimes! :) I’m so glad you enjoy the pacing of the videos. It sounds like you are doing great if you are moving on to Unit 3! Keep up the good work and happy playing!

  3. When playing chords, should the focus be mainly on maintaining the correct rhythm on the Left Hand, or on ensuring that the chord is played at the right time in sync with the melody on the Right Hand, OR should the focus be on both maintaining rhythm on the left hand as well as being in sync with the melody on the Right Hand?

    • I meant-is it more important to ensure we count the beats while playing chords with the left hand OR is it more important that we are in sync with the melody that the right hand plays, even if it means the beats are not maintained.

      • Ideally, keeping chords in time with the beat with your left hand and keeping the melody in rhythm with your right hand should go…well, hand in hand! If you find that you’re having trouble putting your hands together with a consistent beat, I would recommend spending more time working on each hand separately first. Try singing or speaking rhythm words (ta, ti, two, etc.) or use a metronome to practice staying in rhythm, using just one hand at a time. When you do put your hands together, start at a slower pace than usual until you can play it just right; then play it again a bit faster, then again faster until you’re up to the normal speed. I hope that helps! If you find you still have trouble with this, feel free to contact us for a more detailed answer!

    • I’m afraid your video is listed as “Private,” so I can’t watch it. If you update the settings to make it Public or Unlisted, we’ll be able to check it out.

    • It’s normal for different students to find different aspects of piano challenging. Some people have a strong sense of rhythm while others may be especially good at playing by ear, etc. Our lessons increase in difficulty overall, but it’s not unusual for you to find some lessons easier than others. I hope you and your siblings will all persevere though the tough stuff and make great progress in time. Good luck and happy playing!

  4. WHAT!?!?! There were no finger puppets!?
    When will they come back Mr. Hoffman? My little brother and I love them!

    • There are a few lessons that are missing finger puppet endings (mostly in unit 3), but don’t worry – they will be back soon! Keep moving forward and you’ll find them. – Mr. Hoffman

    • You are very welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying them. Good luck and happy playing! – Mr. Hoffman

    • They’ll be back soon! Once you make it to Unit 4, you’ll see lots more of them. Good luck and happy playing! – Mr. Hoffman

  5. Mr. Hoffman, you teach wonderfully. I came up with a introduction for myself on “The Wild Horses” This lesson is quite hard but I am learning well from you, keep up the good work.

  6. Mr. Hoffman, all my life I was looking a system to learn playing piano, and that was imposible, until the day I fund your academy, and for first time I can think become my dream in a reality.
    I am thankfull with you, your academy and your staff for your practic, teoric and efficient system. Thanks again.

  7. Mr Hoffman. I’ve learned a lot from you. I went to my teacher that I just signed up for and she was amazed! Is there any way you could put a lesson on frozen music? I’m going to have that next.

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