LESSON 20 Frog in the Middle: Adding Chords

What you'll learn

Definition of a chord and how to play 2-note chords properly
Play Frog in the Middle with your right hand while the left hand plays 2-note chords

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  1. Thank you Mr.Hoffman for teaching me to play the piano. These are my first lessons but I really would like to play the piano as good as you. You are great.


    • You’re very welcome! We’re very glad to have you learning with us. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions along the way. Good luck and happy playing!

  2. I am learning guitar on line as a self-taught for a year, especially finger picking. I use both notations: EADGBE and DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL, till now only with tablatures. Learning to play piano is not a purpose in itself but i have to admit that my gaps in basic solfeggio are a real obstacle for improving.
    Luck drove my steps to your academy and I am delighted. My native language is French and your simple and narrative pedagogy is perfect for me. I just achieved easily lessons 1 to 20 with a small synthesizer and I learned and understood a lot in such a short period of time. Thank you so much Mr Hoffmann!

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Hoffman! My Son Reese will be 5 yrs old tomorrow and we finally finished all the lessons of Piano Unit 1 today 11/5/16.

    I did not have the privilege of a piano when I was young but took a few piano lessons as an adult. I gave up hope that I will ever be able to play, but today I am actually playing with my two hands and chords, and best of all, it makes sense.

    Reese easily finds keys using the dog house and grandmas house etc… – what a great memory tool. Works for me too. We very much love your teaching style and the fun jokes at the end. Reese said to pass on to you : “Thank you, we like your teaching all the time”. :)

    We purchased the complete material in the past, and will repeat Piano unit One again. We will let you know of our progress.
    Keep your great work.

    • I’m so happy to hear that you and Reese are having such a good experience learning piano together! It is truly wonderful when families can share the joy that music making brings into the home. Thank you for sharing, and we look forward to hearing more of your progress in the future!

  4. I never knew what chords were until now. And I never thought I could play the piano with my hands playing different keys. Thank You.

  5. Thank you so much for this program! Both my daughter, 9, and my son, 4 1/2, are taking your lessons and they LOVE them! My daughter just completed Unit 1, and now it’s on to Unit 2! :D

  6. Mr.Hoffman after completing this unit i’m able to play some songs from youtube, like gravity falls , Hedwig’s theme(Harry Potter theme song), counting stars, canon in d and some classical music. three days back i got a piano so i searched for online resources and i got hoffman academy, i’m really very happy to learn from you and gain knowledge. I wish i could play like you on that grand piano. So i’ll keep working hard with dedication and achieve all my goals. Thank you Mr.Hoffman!!!

    • It sounds like you are making great progress! I’m very glad you’re enjoying our lessons and wish you good luck and happy playing in all your hard work. :)

  7. Thanks mr Hoffman i loved unit one. Actually i really liked frog in the middle it was my favourite song. We have friends who are doing your program. Thanks again.

  8. iv’e finished unit one!
    it feels so awesome!
    you are such a great teacher i told all my friends about you and there are just starting unit one and saying you the best teacher.
    your #1 student!

    • Thank you and congratulations! I’m very happy to be your piano teacher. Good luck in Unit 2! – Mr. Hoffman

      • Yes, there are lots more finger puppet bits coming up. I’m glad you enjoy them! There will be a few lessons here and there where they don’t make an appearance, but just keep going and you’ll find more. :) – Mr. Hoffman

    • Congratulations! That takes a lot of work and dedication. I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to learning more in Unit 2! I’m very happy to be your piano teacher! – Mr. Hoffman

  9. Hello, my daughter is really catching along with the whole thing she learned where A and B on the piano are before she got to that lesson thank you so much she finished the whole unit

  10. Thank u Mr. Hoffman u really helped. I want to become a pianist and u really helped with that, i appreciate it so very much. Azariah

  11. Thank you for including an achievement award in the materials! I was so excited to earn it that I put it in a frame and hung it on the wall. My mommy wrote my name on it with gold ink. I really love piano lessons!!

    • That’s wonderful! Congratulations on completing the unit – that takes a lot of work and dedication, and I’m very proud of you. – Mr. Hoffman

  12. Mr. Hoffman, surprisingly I caught onto it extremely quickly! Straight after you taught the chord I played the melody with it and I got it just like that!

    • Great job! Yes, you can add chords to all sorts of songs and melodies, and we’ll be doing lots more in future lessons. – Mr. Hoffman

  13. Provost Elementary School in Utah LOVES the on-line lessons for our 50 student piano lab!
    One might think that teaching musical concepts and songs is too hard for a 50 student lab, but because Mr. Hoffman is so CLEAR and ENGAGING, each of our students is progressing fast and building not only expertise on the instrument but confidence and self-esteem in their new-found skill! Thank you Mr. Hoffman!

    • I am thrilled to hear about your successful piano lab! I am delighted to be a part of your students’ music education and wish you all the best of luck in your musical endeavors! :) – Mr. Hoffman

  14. I just finished unit 1 with 3 of my children and have loved it! We’ve learned a lot and appreciate your teaching style. My children especially enjoy the cute skits at the end of each lesson. Thank you for making piano lessons accessible!

  15. Can’t wait to start Unit 2! I love the lessons! I do the best I can with a 44-key keyboard. But I do the absolute best I could do on the keyboard. It has 100 different instrument sounds, 50 patterns to compose music on, and 10 built-in songs [I’m able to play 3 of them].

  16. I am having trouble with improvising and composing. Can you help me? Because I have to be an expert like by brother at composing and improvising so that I can compose my own song. But I have composed over 2 songs. Thanks for your lessons Joseph Hoffman!

    • Improvising and composing can come more easily to some people than others, but anyone can improve with practice. It’s a little like not being scared of public speaking: there are tips and tricks you can learn that help, but the best way to get better is simply to start doing it and do it often. Add a little to your practice routine every day and your confidence will grow. Good luck! – Mr. Hoffman

  17. Thanks so much for your lesson you are a wonderful teacher, I’ll keep on going with you, just finish lesson 20, my first, thank you

  18. Thank you Mr.Hoffman!My mom really wanted me to to learn the piano,because all of my siblings play musical instruments,and she wants me to take after my grandmother who past away but was a very good piano player,and singer.my mom also said that I have a very good voice when I sing,so now I can sing AND play the piano!So thanks a lot!

  19. I have taken piano lessons for two years and haven’t made much progress. My self-diagnosis is I can’t read music. Do you have lessons for that?

    P.S. I just completed lessons one through twenty, and I learned some new things and appreciate the finger drills.

    • Hi Lorraine! Yes, I do have many lessons on reading music. Now that you are done with Unit 1, you are ready for Unit 2, which has several lessons focused on learning to read notes on the staff. If you are anxious to focus on reading music, then please watch Lesson 21, then skip to Lesson 32, and then continue on from there. From Lesson 32 onward, each lesson will usually touch on some aspect of note reading. I encourage you to continue through the lessons and you will find lots of help in reading music along the way. Happy playing!

  20. I’ve only had a piano for about 2 months, and I’ve been watching a lot of “Synthesia” videos to learn a few songs. I really felt like I was missing the foundation of proper form, scales and arpeggios. I was in band in High School, but played the trumpet. I cannot thank you enough for being my first teacher.

  21. My soon to be 6yr old son finished unit 1 and he is having so much fun playing ‘frog in the middle’ with both hands.
    I am so proud of him.

    I really want to thank you.
    You are a great teacher!!

  22. Thanks a lot MR. HOFFMAN i was able to do the lesson with my eyes closed within the first 10 minutes! thanks it was fun!

  23. Hey Mr.Hoffman, I just wanted to ask that can we do the melody in our left hand and the chords with our right hand?It’s just that I can’t do it the other way.

    • Yes, it is at first! I suggest that you review the lesson again, and give yourself a few days to get the hang of it. One day, it is just going to click and you’ll get it. Let me know how it goes, and thanks for watching!

    • Good question! The finger puppets only show up on lessons that I re-filmed (in HD) over the past 6 months, which includes lessons 1-9, and lessons 11 & 12. Other lessons were actually filmed earlier, before I had the idea to start adding the finger puppets. Over time, I’ll probably re-film all the lessons, and when I do, I will definitely be adding in the surprise endings with the puppets! Also, when I release Unit 4 in a few months, each lesson will feature the puppets. Thanks for watching online!

  24. MR. HOFFMAN,
    I didn’t understand how to do that song with both hands.
    i can’t do it with both hands…
    what can i do?
    p.s you are a wonderful teacher and i enjoy learn.

    • Hands together playing can be VERY tricky. Two ideas to try: #1) First, make sure that you know the right hand part alone very well (Lesson 10) and then review Lesson 20 again and see if you can get it. #2) If you still can’t get it, it’s OK to keep going with Lesson 21, then come back to Lesson 20 later. Sometimes you just need a little more experience before something “clicks” and then it will feel easy. Don’t give up and keep trying! Let me know how it goes. -Mr. Hoffman

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