LESSON 17 Finding A & B on the Piano

What you'll learn

How to find A and B on the piano
The end of the Piano Street story

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  1. Dear Mr. Hoffman,
    We took a break from piano lessons over the summer, so we are reviewing this unit. How about a bald eagle for Aunt Annie? I love the puppets!

  2. 5-yr-old Jeshurun promptly responded, “Bunny”.
    She likes your lessons and her favorite is, ‘yum, yum yum,yum,yum,chocolate i have some’!!!!!
    Even dada is drawn in now to the lessons!!
    THANKYOU, all the way from South India.

    • Thank you so much for sharing! We’re delighted to have your whole family learning with us. Good luck and happy playing!

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “tips.” Are you asking for a recommended model or how to care for them or whether they are a reliable brand?

  3. brown bear,barbary sheep,bighorn sheep,blue widebeast,bactrian camel,black-backed jackel, bat-eared fox,bobcat,bengal tiger,badger,bearded seal,beluga,blue whale,brazilian three-banded armadillo,bombardier beetle,brush-tailed bettong,buff-tailed bumblebee,butterfly,baboon,greater bilby,bonobo

  4. Not sure if is already here… Isaac, my son insisted on adding bison to the list. He has been a bit obsessed since our trip to Yellowstone last year.

  5. A baby bear! I am an adult beginner but I absolutely love piano street as a way of remembering the keys. The story you have created is so visual which is brilliant for me to learn. Thank you

    • The easiest way for you to learn about the E major pentascale would be to check out my Lesson 58, where it is introduced. Then I can both explain and show you how to play it. Give that a try, then let me know if you have more specific questions when you’re done. Please remember, however, that I’ve ordered the lessons to introduce basic concepts first so more challenging skills have a good foundation: if you’re working through the lessons from the beginning, jumping ahead two units may be both difficult and frustrating. Be patient with yourself. :) – Mr. Hoffman

  6. :) Great lesson, Mr. Hoffman. I really enjoy these piano lessons! I just wish that the keyboard I have was a full piano… The pet idea I had was a big blue boa constructor with black box-shaped spots. Isn’t that funny?

  7. a bear! a bear could be what auntie annie got! but then the bear got in the house and gobbled gramma and auntie annie oh no! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. LOL.. WOW!!!
    This lesson is so cute and after you finished naming the notes alphabet the screen looked very very very beautiful.. You are my master!

  9. I am not a native speaker but I still hope that you understand my comments..
    The new opening of your lessons appropriate you very much! You are one of the wonderful people I have ever known..

  10. Hi Mr. Hoffman! How can I understand a music sheet? It is so hard to know where key should I play the notes [like – is it on C4 or C5] Please help me :(( ,, and Im so confuse why the other notes *w/out sharp before it — is played with black keys? Help Mr. Hoffman. : ) ,, also thanks for helping us beginners to learn more.

    • Hi–learning to read music takes some time. I have several lessons that help get you started with reading notes. Here are some of my lessons that focus on how to read music: Lesson 21, 32, 43, and 46. I hope this helps!

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