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From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we’re offering our biggest discount of the year on our Lifetime Premium Memberships by lowering the price from $495 to $339. That’s right! Pay $339 per student to get our award-winning piano lessons for LIFE. 

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Hoffman Academy Premium Lifetime Membership $339

Here’s what you get with your Lifetime Premium Membership:

  • Learn from anywhere using your favorite smart device
  • Access to our entire library of 260+ award-winning video lessons with Mr. Hoffman
  • Track student progress
  • Download over 355 printable music learning resources
  • Play 5 super fun online music learning games
  • Select your personal avatar
  • Get daily practice plans from Mr. Hoffman
  • Earn points and advance levels
  • Support from our customer service team of music educators
  • Each additional student only costs $299

“Piano lessons at home! No driving to a studio or another’s home and having to entertain three other kids while one is practicing with a teacher. Each child can move at their own pace. This is the best teaching I’ve seen! (I wish my piano teacher had been like Mr. Hoffman!). Hoffman Academy is also budget-friendly for families with lots of learners. The all-in-one-place aspect of the Premium Membership makes my job as a mom-guide so easy!”  – Valerie

"Each child can move at their own pace. This is the best teaching I've

An absolutely wonderful way of teaching and inspiring children to love piano. We have two 6 year old boys. To see their enthusiasm when watching the Hoffman videos and going through the lessons – and their growing love of piano because of them – is wonderful! Thank you for the fantastic work you’re doing!” – Kai

"...their growing because of them - is wonderful!"

“We enjoy learning through Hoffman Academy. The lessons are done from the comfort of our own home and we can move along at our own pace. The video lessons and materials are phenomenal and the games are fun, while locking in everything we have been learning. It’s far more affordable than private lessons and great fun too! Mr. Hoffman is a wonderful teacher! Highly recommended!!” – Chyra

Kid holding an iPad with musical notes and piano on the screen

Hoffman Academy Premium FAQ

  • I’m Already a Premium Member. Can I Get the Sale Price and Upgrade to Lifetime?

    Yes. You can purchase a Lifetime Membership as a Premium gift code. When you purchase the code you’ll be charged the sale price, and you can activate the code right away (though the code does not expire). When you activate the code, it will add a Lifetime on to the end of your existing membership and you’ll have full access to our Premium features for life.

  • Can I Purchase a Membership for Someone Else?

    Yes! You may do so here: Premium Gift Code. Instead of claiming the code, gift it!

  • If I cancel, will I get refunded?

    We offer refunds within 30 days of purchase.

  • Will there be a sale on Hoffman Academy Premium Yearly Memberships?

    Right now is your chance to get our Premium Lifetime Membership at its lowest price of the year, and we anticipate this sale to be the best discount on Lifetime in the future. But stay tuned to your inbox for additional sale announcements on Yearly Memberships coming soon.

  • Can I Purchase Premium Gift Codes for Students in Different Households?

    Yes, though it’s a different process than simply selecting additional students when you’re placing your order. Here’s how:
    1. Start by selecting the number of students in the first household, then click “Add to Cart.”
    2. Instead of proceeding to checkout, click on Continue Shopping in the gray bar at the top.
    3. Select the number of students in that household, then click “Add to Cart” again.
    4. Repeat this process until you have items in your cart for each separate household you’re purchasing for and then click “Proceed to Checkout.”

  • Do you have an app?

    Our site currently functions as a web app, which can be displayed and fully accessed in any mobile browser.