brave adventurer cabin

Brave Adventurer

Take a brave leap into the piano wilderness!

Learn to play the songs made famous by your favorite heroes! Join the Brave Adventurer Cabin! Whether you’re sailing uncharted waters with Moana, travelling the Candy Kingdom with Finn and Jake, or starring in the Greatest Show, this packet will inspire pianists to bravely follow their musical dreams.


Learn to play!

With easy to follow video tutorials, fun activities and delightful printables – practicing these piano favorites will be more fun than ever before.

Listen Up!

We’ve made this awesome playlist of epic adventure songs to go along with our Listening and Feeling activity.

Listen to our Brave Adventurer Playlist on Spotify

After completing this Piano Cabin, submit your talent show videos on social media by using hashtag #HAPianoCamp to receive a Certificate of Achievement from Mr. Hoffman!

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