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How To Optimize Your YouTube Settings For Better Video Lessons

By Hoffman Academy Team
Optimize your YouTube setting for better video lesson

Did you know that you can use YouTube settings to make watching and learning piano with Hoffman Academy even better? Here’s how.

Using Speed Adjustments

YouTube allows you to watch a video up to twice as fast, or down to one quarter as fast as the original. Is your child having a hard time keeping up as they try to play along with the video lesson? Try reducing the video speed until your child can keep up, and then slowly bring it back up to normal, one step at a time. For an extra challenge, you could even try speeding up the video. You can also use the faster speed setting to review old videos, or if the lesson seems too slow for an older student.

Closed Captions

We’ve created closed captions in English for most of our lesson videos. These captions are great for making sure your piano student doesn’t miss anything, even when watching a lesson in an environment with ambient noise and distractions. To access these you can either click on the small CC icon next to the settings icon, or click on settings, click Subtitles, and select English.

Would you like to watch Hoffman Academy videos with subtitles in a language other than English? YouTube has an automatic translation feature with many language options. To access it, click on Subtitles, then click on Auto-Translate. These translations are not perfect, but can help students who have a different primary language to be able to follow and learn more from the video lessons than they would otherwise.

Video Quality

You can also control the video quality in order to optimize viewing. If you have a limited bandwith for your internet, try lowering the video quality. The video should play more smoothly. To do this, click on Settings, then on Quality. Select a number. Higher numbers mean higher quality video, but will also require more bandwidth to play smoothly. You can also leave it on Auto, which means YouTube will try and detect what the highest quality video your internet can handle, and then set that as your video quality.

Happy watching!
Joseph Hoffman

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