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Why Hoffman Academy is the Best Online Way to Learn Piano

By Hoffman Academy Team
Why Hoffman Academy is the Best Online Way to Learn Piano

What makes Hoffman Academy the best online way to learn piano? Find out below

Discover the benefits of learning piano online from Hoffman Academy, whether that be through our free online resources or by signing up for Premium Membership! Either way, learning piano can be both fun and rewarding! Read on to learn how:

These aren’t just piano lessons, it’s a complete music education!!

Our founder, Joseph Hoffman, holds a master’s degree in music and has years of piano teaching experience. He and his team of experts have put countless hours into creating a program that nurtures well-rounded musicianship in a fun, playful atmosphere. Students not only learn to read music and play songs, they learn to play by ear, improvise, compose, transpose, and understand music theory. This complete and carefully planned curriculum is easy to use and easy to learn for anyone, whether they have prior experience in music or not.

Lots of lessons for lifelong learning

We’ve produced over 300 video lessons (and counting!) presenting a full range of musical concepts while teaching songs students love to play. Do you like popular tunes, classical music, movie music, game music, or holiday songs? There are video lessons that teach songs within all of these categories! Hoffman Academy lessons can take you all the way from a beginner with no prior music experience to a confident, independent musician able to learn and play a variety of piano music. 

Learn on your schedule, at your own pace

Watch Hoffman Academy lessons any time, from the comfort of your own home. Need extra time to master a concept? Rewatch as often as you like. Feel like you’ve got it? Go on to the next lesson. 

Guided practice plans

Detailed practice plans take the guesswork out of what to do between lessons. Each practice plan walks through exactly what to work on each day. 

You may ask, how long should I practice as a beginner? While practicing anything it’s important to be consistent and practice! As a beginner, sticking to your practice plan and setting aside at least 15 minutes every day to practice can make it really easy to see your progress. 

​A library of downloadable learning materials

All the sheet music for Hoffman Academy piano lessons can be downloaded instantly from our website. We’ve also got worksheets, flashcards, and lots of fun printable activities to engage your brain and enhance your learning.

Master basic skills with fun online games

Expert pianists will tell you that mastering basic piano skills is the key to becoming a better piano player. Our online Premium piano lessons include fun music-based games, such as Alphabet Towers, Alphabet Ball, Staff Crawler, Mystery Melodies, Rhythm Shredder, and more! Mastering the language of music requires drilling and practice. We’ve found a way to make that practice fun with clever, colorful, engaging online piano games that you won’t find anywhere else. Play our online piano games and watch your music skills soar.

Track your piano learning progress

Our website helps you keep track of what you’ve learned and will let you know what lesson you’ll be doing next. If you have to take a break for a few days you’ll easily be able to pick up right where you left off. Parents can also check their child’s progress from their account dashboard. 

A fraction of the cost of private music lessons

Private music lessons are great, but they cost a lot and can be difficult to fit into your family’s schedule. A FREE Hoffman Academy account gives you access to our library of video lessons and automatic progress tracking. For a low monthly fee, you can also get sheet music, printable activities, audio tracks, online games, and practice instructions. You can also get sheet music, printable activities, audio tracks, online games, and practice instructions for a low monthly fee. Learn more about Premium pricing here.

Read our blog for fun music facts and piano learning tips

How was the piano invented? Who are some of the greatest composers of all time? How long will it take to learn the piano? What are some tips for making the most of your piano practice? Learn more about music and get some great ideas for improving your piano playing with the constantly growing library of articles found on our blog.

Connect with other piano learners online

Join our vibrant Facebook community! Ask questions about piano and get answers. Share your musical experiences. Post videos of your piano performances and be inspired by what others are learning too. Our supportive group of Hoffman Academy learners is ready to welcome and encourage you on your music learning journey.

Hoffman Academy is FUN!

We believe that learning should be joyful and fun! It just so happens that our curriculum is also creative, inspiring, engaging, entertaining, and encouraging. Start by creating a free account today and see for yourself why Hoffman Academy is the best online way to learn piano.

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