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Where to Buy Your Piano

By Hoffman Academy Team
Wondering where to buy a piano? Discover our recommendations.

Are you looking to buy a piano? It’s good to find a piano that works for both your budget and your musical interests. We recommend shopping locally, but acoustic and electronic pianos can be purchased online too! Read on to learn more about different options that you can consider when purchasing your instrument.

*Need a refresher on the types of pianos? Check out How to Shop for Pianos! So you have an idea of what to look for in a piano – namely, 88 weighted keys and touch sensitivity. Now, how do you find it?  Well, there are three main options for buying a piano or keyboard: a specialized music store or piano dealer, a private seller, and online.

Piano Dealers and Stores

Stores are great because you can try out many different pianos at once. Not only will you be supporting a local business, you’ll get the most assistance throughout the process! Dealers have a wide range of acoustic, digital, and hybrid instruments to try out. They’re experts who can help you figure out the best piano for your needs. Since they take care of their inventory, you can be assured that any piano you buy is already in good working order. Here are six reasons to work with a piano dealer: Note: Most of these depend on the local market. Make sure to ask the sales rep!

  • Moving and your first tuning (for acoustic pianos) is sometimes included in the price. If not, the dealer will definitely be able to recommend those services!
  • Some stores include warranties in the price (either factory or store-based) to cover repairs.
  • Many stores have rental programs – an excellent option if you’re testing the waters with lessons. It’s a monthly commitment rather than a lifetime one, and you know where the piano will go when you’re done with it. Plus, some stores will put your rental fees toward a later purchase!
  • Piano dealers can recommend a technician/tuner in your area for maintaining your acoustic piano.
  • Many stores have trade-in programs: When you buy from them, you can trade in your digital or acoustic piano for a better instrument later on!
  • By supporting a piano store, you’re also supporting your local arts community. Piano stores often host events, provide performance venues, and promote local teachers and other talent.

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Private Sellers

Perhaps you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who’s getting rid of their piano. Maybe you saw a listing online for a low-priced or even free piano. However, buyer beware – especially if a piano is listed as “free!” Often, “free” and “cheap” pianos are anything but. They might have been poorly stored, neglected, or need serious repairs.  Also keep in mind the hidden costs of buying privately: YOU will be completely responsible for moving, tuning, and (if needed) repairing the instrument. If the piano was not well-maintained, it might cost more to repair it than to simply buy a better one.  One more consideration if you’re going acoustic: Talk to a piano tuner. They might know of pianos for sale or even have a few of their own. Plus, you should have a tuner check out the piano(s) you’re interested in to make sure they’re worth buying.

Online Shopping

Shopping online has its advantages: You can easily compare prices from different sources, shipping is organized by the seller, and you can often read reviews before buying. However, we’d recommend buying online after you’ve decided what brand and model instrument you want. Go to a store (if possible); test out the pianos, take notes, and then look online for deals.  The same “hidden costs” associated with private sellers apply here, too: Shipping can cost a few extra hundred dollars, and for acoustics, you’ll have to find a tuner yourself.

Amazon is an affordable place to purchase electronic pianos. These can be delivered directly to your home! If you are wanting to purchase a new acoustic piano, feel free to research your best fit on manufacturer websites such as Yamaha and Steinway. After doing some research, you can even visit a local Yamaha or Steinway dealership and test out your preferred instrument before purchasing. For more affordable second hand pianos, websites such as PianoMart are a good place to research and purchase available instruments.

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Hoffman Academy’s Ultimate Piano Buying Guide

Time to Go Shopping!

In short, we highly recommend working with a piano dealer first, if possible. Most large urban areas have at least one, so do a quick online search! Of course, not everyone has easy access to a piano store. That’s where online shopping and private sellers come in. Ask around – chances are, someone in your circle knows someone with a lead on a piano! Next time, we’ll break down how much a piano actually costs, from purchase and beyond. Happy shopping!

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