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We Don’t Talk About Bruno: Piano Tutorial for Beginners

By Hoffman Academy Team
Learn How to Play “We Don't Talk About Bruno”: Piano Sheet Music with Notes & Chords.

Are you interested in learning how to play “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on piano? Try this easy “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” piano tutorial. Video & piano sheet music available.

We are so excited to share this easy piano tutorial for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s Encanto. We loved all the music from this movie so much it was hard to pick which song to make a tutorial for, but, since “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became one of the most popular songs in the world, it became the obvious choice!

So who wrote this amazing song? The composer’s name is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He grew up in New York City and started acting, singing, and writing musicals when he was in high school. The first time he wrote songs for a Disney film was when he worked on Moana at the same time he was writing his hit musical Hamilton. Encanto is his latest animated musical with Disney, and he says he never expected “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to be such a huge success.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s kids were the first ones to notice how catchy the tune for “Bruno” was. They overheard him working on it and were always singing it around the house. Miranda had to tell them they weren’t allowed to sing it at school until after the movie was released. Now, everyone is singing it!

What kind of song is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno?”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a special kind of song in musical theater that’s called an ensemble number or a group number. It’s a song where several characters sing different parts that often come together in a big finale. Other examples include the opening number from Beauty and the Beast and “Where You Are” from Moana. The fun thing about “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is that each character in the song has a solo part that fits their own unique personality. Then, when all those solo parts are sung at the same time, they blend perfectly and sound great together.

Another special thing about “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is that it’s written with a Latin dance beat called the cha-cha. If you’ll watch the first minute or so of the song as it’s performed in the movie, you’ll see Mirabel’s Aunt Pepa and Uncle Felix doing some awesome cha-cha moves. For even more cha-cha fun, watch the dance choreography reel that the animators used to create the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” sequence.

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Where can I get “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” piano sheet music?

You can purchase and download Mr. Hoffman’s arrangement of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, which is a perfect match for what you’ll be learning in the video tutorial.

Sheet Music Direct is a great place to purchase inexpensive, instant downloads for over a million arrangements, and you’ll feel good knowing that the composers and arrangers of these songs are being supported by your purchase. Sheet Music Direct has over 500 “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” piano arrangements available. How do you know which one will be the best for you? Sheet Music Direct allows you to sort their arrangements by instrument, difficulty level, and how many downloads each arrangement has had.

What are the piano notes to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno?”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is written in the C natural minor scale. The notes it uses are C, D, E flat, F, G, A flat, and B flat. Its relative major scale is E flat. You can learn more about C minor and its chords here.

What is the time signature of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno?”

The time signature of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is 4/4. This means that there are four beats per measure, and the quarter note gets the beat. If you listen to the song as it’s performed in the movie you’ll notice that at first the percussion is marking out a steady beat on every quarter note, one – two – three – four. As the energy builds, the emphasis shifts to beats one and three, so that it sounds more like ONE – two – THREE – four. You’ll also hear some emphasis on the eighth note beats. Especially listen for the classic cha-cha rhythm, ONE – two – and – THREE – four – and – ONE – two – and – THREE – four – and – ONE, and so on.

What’s the easiest way to play “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”? Piano tips for playing an easy version

The easiest way to play any song on the piano is to play just the melody line. That’s what you’ll learn in Mr. Hoffman’s video tutorial. Another thing about Mr. Hoffman’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” piano sheet music arrangement that makes it super easy to play is that it’s written in the key signature of C with accidentals. This means that every time you need to play a black key, there’s a flat symbol right next to the note to remind you.

Another fun way to play “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on piano

Once you’ve watched Mr. Hoffman’s tutorial and learned how to play the song, you can try putting some of the parts together just like in the movie!

You’ll need a friend to play with, or you can record yourself and play along with your recording. It’ll help if you have a copy of the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” piano sheet music to look at, which can be purchased here. The first player starts playing the song alone. Then, when the first player reaches measure 11, which is the second time the lyrics say, “We don’t talk about Bruno,” the second player joins in, playing from the beginning. At first the refrain, “We don’t talk about Bruno” will be the same, but then the solos start and you’ll have two different parts that sound good together. It might be tricky to put the parts together, so make sure you’re really comfortable playing the whole song by yourself first.

Have fun not talking about Bruno. We know you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing about him.

Happy playing!

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