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Want to Learn Piano? Intro to Hoffman Academy

By Hoffman Academy Team

Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Hoffman, at​. Kids love his creativity and humor. Adults appreciate his clarity and step-by-step style. Everyone loves the feeling of success as you learn to play real songs from the first lesson.

The Hoffman Method offers the most complete foundation in music you can find online. With the Hoffman Method, you’ll become an empowered musician who can play, read and understand music. We designed Hoffman Academy with real families in mind: families on a budget, families who want the very best opportunities for their kids.

At Hoffman Academy, we are passionate about bringing quality music education to EVERYONE who wants it. That’s why our basic plan is FREE and our Premium plan is less than $20/month.

How it works:

– Learn a new song or concept with one of our hundreds of FREE video lessons.

– Master each new song and skill using our curated list of practice tasks. (Premium)

– Print sheet music and worksheets, and stream play-along audio. (Premium)

– Earn points and train your skills using our interactive learning games. (Premium)

You can try out your first lesson with materials and guided practice sessions for free!

Ready to start learning?

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