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FREE Music Learning Resource-Make Your Own Piano

Make your own piano away from the piano! Building a model of something is always a huge boost for comprehension. Here’s a fun printable resource that you can use to make a model piano keyboard for all sorts of music theory activities.

Materials Needed

  • 3/4″ velcro sticky-back dots such as these.
  • Printed Music Learning Resource – Make Your Own Piano
  • Laminator
  • Scissors


1. Print and laminate both pages. 
2. Cut out all parts. 
3. Apply the “fuzzy” velcro dots to all the places pictured on the white keys of the piano. 
Optional: Place fuzzy velcro dots to the places in the next image for an advanced version of identifying white-note flat and sharp keys. 
4. Apply one “rough” velcro dot to the back of all black keys and circle-shaped note names.Cutting out paper piano parts
5. To fully assemble the puzzle, put it together like this for the basic version:

And like this for the advanced version:
6. To store, keep the small parts in a small bag. Put them together with the large piece in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ storage envelope.

Suggestions for Activities

  1. For beginners, practice placing the black keys and alphabet letters (no sharps or flats) on the white background piece.
  2. For learning and reviewing sharps and flats, first place the black keys and letter names, then practice adding all the sharps, then all the flats.
  3. Use the puzzle to practice reviewing pentascales. Place the letter names with their correct sharps or flats for each note of the pentascale.

Visit our Music Learning Resources for more printable piano fun!

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